P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:03/02   1/8       UNIT TRUST PANEL The MONEYFILE Unit Trust Panel has been recruited from a numbfr of indfpfnddnt advisory firms in an attempt to offer a path through the unit trust jungleN Unit trusts, it must be emphasised, can fall in valueN Neither the panellists nor the BBC can accept responsibility for recommendations madeN Selections shown and opinions exprfssfd are those of the persons named and are not necessarily shared by the BBCN * Investors are recommended always to sfek professional advice before buyingN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/10   2/8       UNIT TRUST PANEL JalHe Berry (Berry Asset Management) * NEg YEAR commentary: 1988 is going to be a very difficult year in which to make profits in stoc5L markets. We expect to see a rally in the Spring but would bf inclined to use this as an opportunity to raise cash from equities in favour of fixed interestN Investors should remember that every crisis presents opportunity: thf bravf and nimble investor will, one day, rfap rewards from the present   Mord
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:12/02   3/8        Peter Edwards (Premier UT Brokers) * NEg YEAR comlentary: Answer these questions and make money in 1988: 1: How low will thd dollar go? 2: ghen will it turn up? 3: Can London uncouple from Wall Street? The more gloomy your first two answers, the more you should avoid going abroad. The more optimistic your third answer, the more you may favour UK fundsN But, until you think you know, stay light overseas, sit tight, and kfep some cash up your sleeveN And good lucc!  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/00   4/8       UNIT TRUST PANEL Steve Hallett (Richards Longstaff) * NEg YEAR commentary: Given international cooperation over trade and currency imbalances, markets should make steady progressN Best hopd for 1988 must be the UK: stable, increasingly competitive, and with seemhngly sustainable growth. The emerging southern Etropean economies may providf the spice elsewhereN Thf Far East still merits consideration despite its recent fall, though the US dollar makes ss chary of this areaN  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/00   5/8      UNIT TRUST PANEL Peter Hayes (Plan Invest Group) * NEg YEAR commentary: The crash of 1987 suggests we have one market, a global one differing only in style and currency denominationN If so, international cooperation, already evident, should avoid a repeat of 1929N Japan has not suffered as much as other markets but looked expensive before October. A movf from Japan into the UK seems sensibleN It is too late to buy gilts but yields of 5pc from income trusts offer a cushion if my optimism is misplaced.  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/00   6/8       UNIT TRUST PANEL Stephen Lansdown (Hargreaves Lansdown) * NEg YEAR comlentary: chdn looking for inspiration following a mafor qphfaval in the stock market look to Chinese philosophy! 1987 the Year of the Rabbit epitomises gossipy women, then turmoil. If October 1987 is a result, keep me from hags! 1988 sees the Year of the Dragon@ A year of richnessN Eight is a lucU8 number, so two eights give double luck! "Out with the oldN In with the new. 1987 is overN All I can say is M whew!"
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:10/03   7/8       UNIT TRUST PANEL John Morton (Fraser Henderson) * NEg YEAR commentary: Economic prospects remahn uncertahn for 1988, so stay with quality. Find tr2sts investing for good and rising yieldsN Of all world markets, the UK looks most promising for 1988, ending the year ovfrsold and sndervalued on forecast economic growth of 2.5pc, post-crash. Japan's economy rfmahns attractive and Europe should benefit from increasing overseas cash flows switched from Japan and AmerHcaN  Mord
P226 CEEFAX 226 Wed 27 Jan 21:01/00   8/8     M  UNIT TRUST PANEL Kean Seager (ghitechurch Securities) * NEg YEAR commentary: 1987 was best described bFor Richer for PoorerbN I feel the fall was overdone and expect recovery in 1988N I most favour the UK, where, although better market liquidity is needed, thd background looks soundN The dollar will remain weak, affecthng Kall StreetN Japan remains expfnsive, but smaller Far East countries look good longMterm valueN Really bombdd-out markets, such as Australia and Hong Kong, could do well at some stagdN  More