P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:14/00  1/14     CEEFAX presents..N          ...a sequfnce of
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:14/04   2/14       ££!£££!££! Detectives invfstigating the deaths of three members of a falhly in west Wales say thfy are not seeUhng anyone else in connection with the inquiry. Mrs Ann Farmer, 41, a school cook, and her daughtdr, Ms Julie-Ann Farmer, 20, a hospital nurse, were found dead at their home near Lampeter, DyfedN Police discovered thd bodies after receiving a telephone call from Mrs Farmer's husband, Brian, 44, last night Mr Farmer's body was discovered this morNhlg in thd River $fifi, a quarter of a mile from the falhly's homeN News index 102'202 Newsreel 119'219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:17/11   3/14        A West German citizen living in Lebanon has been kidnappdd in Beirut. Gunmen, some dressed in Lebanese police uniforms, seized Mr Ralph Schray, 30, in a b5r8 street in west Beir2t. There is speculation that his citizens—ip may have made him a targdt for pro-Iranian supporters of two Lebanese Shi'ites facing terrorist charges in West GermanyN One of them is on trial accusdd of abducting two West German citizens in Beirut last year with the aim of securing his brother's rdleaseN News index 102/202 Newsreel 1197219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:16/00   4/14       A wanted list of 3,000 alleged Nazi war criminals has been released at the House of CommonsN It contains the names of six men who allegedly tortured or murdered British servicemenN The list has been in the UN archives since the Britisd Govfrnment decided in 1948 not to pursuf Nazi war N But the all-party Parliamentary War Crimes Group hopes that by publishing the list, there will be pressure on the Government to introduce legislation allowing prosfcutionN News index 1027202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 20:06/14   5/14       Labour's national executive comdhttee has suspended Southwark and Bermondsey constituency party pending a probe into allegations of Militant infiltrationN The NEC voted 20-4 for ssspension after reading a report of allegations which includf harassment of moderate mfmbersN At the meeting in London, Labour leader Neil Kinnock pledged Militant would be "dealt with once and for allbN The NEC will later discuss alleged Militant infiltration in the Bradford North party, and alleged irreg4larities in Peckham constituency partyN News index 102/202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 20:09/11   6/14       Pafdiatrician Dr Marietta Higgs, at the centre of the Cleveland c(hld abuse controvfrsy, has been moved to a new fob dealing with new-born babiesN The northern health authority announced at the child abuse inquiry that Dr Higgs will work in Newcastle qponMTyneN Her colleague Dr Geoffrey Wyatt whll stay at Middlesbrough hospital but will pass child abuse cases to other doctors The authority also said disciplinary action for professional misconduct did not seem to bf warranted but this co0ld bd reviewed when the inquiry is over. News index 1027202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 20:08/00   7/14       Health workers and nursds in London and the north west are prfparing for strike action on two days in February. Nurses in NUPE, NALGO and COHSE at a number of London hospitals are dechding whether to strike on February 3N In Manchester a spokesman for NALGO said "many thousands" of union members would join a 24-hour strike on February 10 Meanwhile in Lothian, Scotland, industrial action by hfalth workers in protest at privatisation will include selective strikes, say union officialsN
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 20:00/30   8/14       TUC General Secretary Mr Norman Willis will lead health union leaders at a meeting with Social Services Secretary Mr John Moore on Tufsday. The meeting will take place on the eve of a 24Mhour strike by some nurses and other hospital workers. (See 113/213) General Secretary of the biggest health union, COHSE, Mr Hector Mackenzie said the strike could be called off if Mr Moord promised full Governmdnt funding for a nurses' pay risfN Earlier, Mrs Thatcher made clear that s—f was willing to meet representatives of the Royal College of Nursing M but not othfr health sdrvice unions.
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/11   9/14       Police are carrying out a mafor search of Twerton in Bath, Avon, for two prisoners - one a murderer and rapist M who escaped from jail in Bristol today. The men, who escaped from the kitchens of Horfield prison in a cleansing truck, were spotted in a car at 1815. They were followed by a police car into a dead end but ran offN Thf men are Brian John Trinder, 38, jailed for life in 1973 for murder, rape and assault and Michael Kenneth +illiams, 31, failed for seven 9fars in October for robbery and theft.
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:00/21   10/14       Compensation will bf paid to all those bfreavfd as a result of the King's Cross underground firf, the chairman of London Regional Transport has promised. Mr Keith Bright has also told lawyers for the families of the fire's victims that compensation would not necessarily be limited to the legal minimumN The lawyers say the bereaved would have no choice but to take LRT to court if they did not receive fair compfnsation. An artist's impression of the last unidentified victim of thf King's Cross fire has been issued by policeN News indfx 102/202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:12/51   11/14   from New Zealand   Three Britons have advanced to the third round of a $50,000 tournament in AucklandN Valda Lake and Clare Wood both had straight-sets wins, while Sara Gomer battled back after losing the first setN Lake beat Angeliki Kanellopoulou of Greece 6-4 7-5, while Wood dispatched Nicole Jagerman of the Netherlands 6-2 6M0N Gomer overcame Canadian Maureen Drake 5-7 6-3 6-1. A British casualty was Teresa Catlin, who lost 5-7 6-4 6-0 to New Zealand's Ruth Seeman.
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:02/10   12/14   GATTING CONSIDERS   STEPPING DOgN Mike Gatting has hinted that his days as England captain are numbdred On the eve of leading England in the Bicentenary Test against Australia, the 30-year-old Gatting said: "I might  ask to step down." He said he would give up the captaincy if "I felt mentally tired and not able to give of my best." "I don't feel like that bust yft," he addfdN "But in a couple of years, I think I would need a rest from the gamd to rdcharge my batteriesN In a way I am looking forward to the day when I can play only as a batsman again."
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:12/01   13/14   ENGLAND  MUST WAIT Wales manager Mike England should know his fate within the next month following a meeting yfsterday of the +flsh FA's finance comlhtteeN The committfe, who met to discuss the future terms of the manager's contract, decided to refer three main options to thf Senior International Comlhttee. That group has already recommended that England's contract, which expires in July, sdould not be renewedN The three options arf to retain the £10,000-a-year part-time post, revert to a full-time position or hire a manager on a matchMto-match basis.
P219 CEEFAX 219 Wed 27 Jan 21:14/12   14/14   0600-2400   Thursday   S and Sc areas will be   cloudy with rain at times  and some sleet or snowN   More northern areas will  have sunshineN Early frost  icy roads and freezing fog or mist whll clear slowly    NE Scotland and NE England  may have wintry showers on  coasts and hills Later , , * most western areas will , * have rain, perhaps with  some sleet or snow. Temperatures near or bflow norl l. ODTLOOK FOR THE FOLLOWING 48 HG$RS: UnsettledN