P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:03/00 1/20  NEED TO          News and  features for  the deaf & hard  of hearing  Edited by  Jen Roberts  Updated 21.12.87   Diary Dates  on 292 
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:00/00  2/20  NEED TO   Jack Ashley new President of the RNID. Rt Hon Jack Ashley MP has b}st become the new President of the RNID. He takes over from Lord Chalfont who has retired from the position after seven years. Jack Ashley said, "Many presidents of national charities are simply figureheads, that's certainly not my intention. "I shall play an activd role in promoting both the issues of deafness and the RNID." More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:00/11  3/20  NEED TO   New deaf-blind awareness course. Sense and the Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) will be running a course to teach communication with deaf-blind people. The course will start on February 24 and run every Wednesday night for six weeks. It will be held at the RAD Centre, Clapham, South London Participants in the course will have the opportunity to meet and be taught by deaf-blind people. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:10/00  4/20  NEED TO   New deaf-blind awareness course. No previous experience is necessary for enrolment but willingness to learn about the needs of deaf-blind people is essential. The course will cost £10 per person. For those who wish to become communicators with deaf-blind people there is the opportunity to gain the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People's certificate for communicating with deaf-blind people More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:10/04  5/20  NEED TO   Short courses at the City Lit Centre for Deaf People. "How Did London Begin?" - Richard Goulden will run this course which will take place on January 5, 12, and 19 1830-2030. "Word Processing" - Jill Palmer will run this course which starts on January 5 and runs for 12 weeks. It will take place between 1400-1600. Students must be able to type to take part. Please enrol at Keeley House, Keeley Street, London WC2 4BA as soon as possible. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:17/14  6/20  NEED TO   Hi Community Link. People who have previously lived in institutions are coming to live in the community more. One area of special need are those people who are mentally handicapped and have a hearing impairment. The Hi Community Link aims to satisfy the special communication needs of these people in a variety of ways: * By offering a family life in an ordinary house situated in the local community... More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:12/00  7/20  NEED TO   The Hi Community Link aims to satisfy the needs of mentally handicapped hearing impaired people by... * Giving clients the opportunity to take control over their own lives * By giving them constant encouragement towards greater independenca. They will be given the opportunity to exercise choice, take responsibility and make their own decisions. A staff of five - three deaf and two hearing - look after the clients whosd communication needs are well catered for. For more information contact Janet Beetles, Hi Centre, Marsham St, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1HH. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:33/07  8/20  NEED TO   Keeping Warm this Winter. Last year, Help the Aged established a telephone Hotline offering advice and information about keeping warm, benefits, paying for fuel and so on. This year they have established an upgraded service by means of a foint venture with Age Concern, Neighbourhood Energy Action and the DHSS. Keeping warm is a vital part of keeping yourself well in winter. Amongst other things, the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the way you are using heat in your home are very important. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:11/10  9/20  NEED TO   Keeping Warm this Winter. A special booklet entitled "Keep Warm Keep Well" will give you all the informaton you may need about looking after yoqrself in cold weather. It explains the importance of healthy eating, wrapping up warmly, kdeping the heat inside your house, keeping active and draughtproofing and insulating the house. The booklet explains how you may be able to get local help. Community groups have tsained staff who will install insulation and fit draught- proofing for people on low incomes at little or no cost. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:20/02  10/20  NEED TO   Keeping warm this winter. Grants are available towards the cost of loft insulation or home improvement which can include a grant for making your home warmer If you want to be put in touch with a local Community Insulation project or you would like more details of grants etc, you could ask someone to ring the Monergy Hotline 0800 234800 (free call) The gas regions and electricity boards have schemes to help people pay for their fuel more easily - ask at your local showroom. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:25/04  11/20  NEED TO   Keeping warm this winter. If you are on Supplementary Benefit you may be able to get extra payments. For details about benefits ask someone to telephone 0800 666 555 (free call). The "Winter Warmth Line" is 0800 289 404 (free call). This line offers help, advice, information and so onN Detailed advice is also available in the leaflet "Keep Warm, Keep Well" available from: Freepost, 20-24 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 2YP. More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:20/10  12/20  NEED TO   Sarah Playforth needs your help... "I am preparing a paper on the use of Sign Language by staff in libraries, particularly public librariesN "I would like to hear from any signing deaf people who have had experience in using libraries, and their opinions of the service they receive "Please contact me at Hove Centre Library, 182-188 Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN8 2EG." More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:23/00  13/20  NEED TO   "The Ball Park Breaks The Sound Barrier". "The Ball Park, a new tennis centre in Eastbourne, is offering sponsored coaching and playing facilities to ANY deaf person on a regular or weekend basis. "Come and learn a new sport and fulfil your potential physically and socially. "Contact Sue Pegler, LTA at The Ball Park, Hampden Park, Eastbourne for full details." More
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:01/44  14/20  NEED TO   London Deaf Drama Group's next production will be "King N—lfs and His Beaub. The play is about King F—lfs' Court life in the early 17th Century. It will be performed on February 19 at 2000 (cost £3), February 20 at 1400 (£2), 1700 (£3), 2000 (£3.50). If you are interested in going to one of these performances please write to S J Stevens, 29 Badgers Close, Hcxfs, Middlesex UB3 1LQ. Cheques payable to "The London Deaf Drama Group". Please enclose SAE. more
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/30  15/20  NEED TO   Signed performances of "Mother Goose". There will be two signed performances of the above pantomime on December 22 and January 2. The first performance will be signed by Ken Butterfield and the second by Marie Chapman and Karen Lintott (this performance starts 1y00)n Tickets are £2.25 and the pantomime will be shown at The Duke's, Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QE. Telephone: 0524 67461. Contact the theatre for tickets. more
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:01/00  16/20  NEED TO   PATH Productions will be putting on a signed performances of "Androcles and the Lion". The play, written by Bernard Shaw, is to be performed at the Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre, Southampton Row, London WC1 from January 15-23. Sign Language translations will take place on 15, 19, 20 and 23 January. PATH Productions is a performing company integrating able bodied, physically disabled and mentally handicapped adults. more
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:02/04  17/20  NEED TO   Alan Roberts from Kent writes... "Last week's revelation that the Director General of the BBC has authorised extra financial aid for the subtitling unit is a welcome and splendid Christmas present to ALL hearing-impaired viewers. "It is hoped that we will be able to to follow the daily news, and maybe there will be some diversification into other areas of live discussion. "We hava waited patiently! Our dreams are coming true!" more
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:26/50  18/20  NEED TO   More good news... Your petitions about the need for subtitled BBC videos seems to have paid off. NNTS initially sent your request to Mr Bill Cotton, Managing Director of BBC Television, and he supported the idea. He passed the petitions on to BBC Enterprises who deal with videos. David Risner, Head of Home Entertainment, said that his department was already in touch with the National Subtitling Library and an initial range of videos should be available some time next year. more
P291 CEEFAX 291 Wed 30 Dec 21:03/20  20/20  NEED TO   NNTS and information. NNTS, Room 7013, BBC Television Centre, London, W12 7RJ. Subtitling comments to: Room B103, BBC Centre House, ood Lane, London, W12 7RJ. 2oom 4168, Broadcasting House, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow. More