P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:24/21  1/13     FOR THE WEEK    WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 30 HAMBONE AND HILLIE BBC2 1200 A little dog lost at New York airport tracks down his mistress. Lilian Gish, Timothy Bottoms and Candy Clark star. HANNIBAL BROOKS BBC1 1350 Oliver Reed plays a prisoner-of-war who escapes with the help of an elephant. THE GAY DIVORCE BBC2 1545 Musical comedy starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers about a man who falls for a debutante but is rejected. Daily film summaries 173/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:10/40  2/13     FOR THE WEEK    'FDNESDAY DECEMBER 30 A GHOST OF A CHANCE BBC1 1645 Comedy about friendly ghosts helping children save an old house. Jimmy Edwards, Patricia Hayes and Bernard Cribbins star. LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY BBC2 1800 An eight-year-old boy living in New York with his mother is called back to England to be groomed as the heir to the family title. Alec Guinness and Ricky Schroder star. Daily film summaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:15/02  3/13     FOR THE WEEK    'FDNESDAY DECEMBAR 30 THE KILLING FIELDS BBC2 2100 Oscar-winning British film portraying the war in Cambodia. Sam Waterston and Haing S Ngor star ON THE WATERFRONT BBC1 2330 Marlon Brando stars as a young man who breaks the hold of a gangland boss. MARIA WALEWSKA BBC2 2345 Greta Garbo plays a Polish countess who is sent to Napoleon to plead for the freedom of her country. Daily film summaries 175/271 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/11  4/13     FOR THE WEEK    NEW YEAR'S EVE AN ELEPHANT CALLED SLOWLY BBC2 1130 Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers return to Africa and make friends with a herd of elephants. BEN HUR BBC2 1340 Biblical epic, featuring the famous chariot race, starring Charlton Heston. THE CHAMP BBC1 1350 Moving drama of a young boy's faith in a washed-up prize fighter. Jon Voight, F—xd Dunaway and Ricky Schroder star. Daily film summaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/00  5/13     FOR THE WEEK    NEW YEAR'S EVE WATERSHIP DOWN BBC2 1735 Animated tale of a group of rabbits who leave their warren and face danger to establish a new home. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS BBC1 2045 Agatha Christie murder mystery featuring an all-star cast HIGH SOCIETY BBC1 0010 Musical starring Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly. An ex-husband tries to win back his wife just before her second wedding Daily film summaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:36/23  6/13     FOR THE WEEK    NEW YEAR'S DAY DICK BARTON STRIKES BACK BBC2 0905 Don Stannard stars as the famous radio special agent who defends the worldN MISTER ROBERTS BBC2 1450 Comedy drama aboard a cargo ship in World War II. Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon, James Cagney and William Powell star. THE BOUNTY BBC1 1935 The story of the most famous mutiny in naval history. Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins and Laurence Olivier star. Daily film summaries 175/273 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:32/40  7/13     FOR THE WEEK    NEW YEAR'S DAY THE FLAMINGO KID BBC2 2145 Matt Dillon plays a young guy facing the pressures of growing up. THE QUIET MAN BBC1 2340 Comedy starring John W—yne as a retiring prize boxer returning to his native Ireland. ONE DEADLY SUMMER BBC2 2325 French revenge thriller about a young woman who lays intricate plans to kill the three men who raped her mother. Daily film summaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:32/14  8/13     FOR THE WEEK    SATURDAY JANUARY 2 SUN VALLEY SERENADE BBC2 1330 Jolly romance featuring Glenn Miller and Scandinavian skater, Sonja Henie. THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE BBC2 1455 Lively musical biography of songwriters De Sylva, Brown and Henderson. UNCOMMON VALOR BBC1 2125 Gene Hackman stars in this thriller about a retired colonel who believes that his son is a POW in Vietnam. Daily film summaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:37/24  9/13     FOR THE WEEK    SATURDAY JANUARY 2 MARLENE BBC2 2135 Maximilian Schell's documentary of the life and work of Marlene Dietrich which includes extracts from her famous films THE BLUE ANGEL BBC2 2310 German film starring Marlene Digtrich as a ruthless show-girl. THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR BBC1 2335 Steve McQueen plays a bored millionaire who plans a robbery and is pursued by a glamourous insurance investigator. Daily film summaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:03/04  10/13     FOR THE WEEK   ,,,,,,/ SUNDAY JANUARY 3 MOGAMBO BBC2 1500 Clark Gable has the difficult task of choosing between Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner in this African adventure YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN BBC2 2000 Mel Brooks' pastiche of horror movies starring Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN BBC2 2225 Woody Allen comedy about a bungling criminal who attempts to use his talents to support his girlfriend. Daily film s—llaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:00/20  11/13     FOR THE WEEK    MONDAY JANUARY 4 BACHELOR MOTHER BBC2 1800 Ginger Rogers stars as a shopgirl whose troubles start when she finds a baby. THE RIGHT STUFF BBC1 2210 First part of a three-hour-epic about America's space pioneers. TUESDAY JANUARY 5 GULLIVER'S TRAVELS BBC2 1800 Richard Harris is Gulliver in this film of Swift's classic story which uses both real action and animation. Daily film sullaries 175/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:00/53  12/13     FOR THE GEEK    TUESDAY JANUARY 5 KRAMER VS KRAMER BBC2 2100 Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep star as a divorced couple who each want custody of their young son. WEDNESDAY JANUARY 6 THREE FOR ALL BBC2 1800 Comedy about a female trio who follow their pop-playing boyfriends to Spain. THE RIGHT STUFF BBC2 2220 Second half of the epic history of the early days of space flight. Daily film summaries 171/275 More
P285 CEEFAX 285 Wed 30 Dec 21:00/02  13/13     FOR THE WEEK    FRIDAY JANUARY 8 SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE VOICE OF DRROR BBC2 1800 During World War II Holmes is engaged to track down Nazi propagandists. FOOTLOOSE BBC1 2220 Rock music-loving teenager shakes up a puritan town where dancing is banned. THE VANISHING CORPORAL BBC2 2320 Jean Renoir's film about French POWs attempting to escape from their prison camp and avoid recapture. Daily film summaries 175/275 More