P268 CEEFAX 268 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/04  1/6  BOOKS..BOOKS....BOOKS...  There are many books available for the keen chess player this Christmas. They range from competitive series to collections of galds, reference books, reprints of classics and treasuries. As space does not permit a full review of the latest volumes, I propose to offer a brief review of recent publications and will be reviewing the books at length in the New Year. May I also take this opportunity to wish all readers of the chess column the compliments of the season and a happy New Year on and off the board. Andrew Paige, chess editor Ceefax. More
P268 CEEFAX 268 Wed 30 Dec 21:32/10  2/6  BOOKS..BOOKS....BOOKS...  Saving Lost Positions Batsford L Shamkovich and E Schiller £6.95 This is very useful compilation for competitive players. It demonstrates how desperate positions can be saved by taking the right initiative. Secrets of Grandmaster Play Batsford John Nunn and Peter Griffiths £8.95 This is a profound analysis of John Nunn's best games. John - as most of his opponents know - is a devastating player with the white pieces and his games are worthy of detailed analysis. A fascinating guide to the mind of a great chess player. More
P268 CEEFAX 268 Wed 30 Dec 21:33/00  3/6  BOOKS..BOOKS....BOOKS...  Unorthodox Positions Batsford J Benjamins and E Schiller £6.95 This is a must for followers of unusual openings and original efforts in the mode of Mike Basman. These can be very effective, but also very costly. The English Defence Batsford R Keene, J Plaskett, J Tisdall £6.95 Three of the top minds in British chess combine to offer a valuable guide to the English, one of the best counterattacks in the hypermodern school. The English e6,..b6,..Bb7 has been enfoying something of a deserved revival thanks to Kasparov. More
P268 CEEFAX 268 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/01  4/6  BOOKS..BOOKS....BOOKS...  Solving in Style Allen & Unwin John Nunn £12.95 A first rate introduction to the fascinating world of problems and their composition from one of Britain's top grandmasters. Bridges the gap between problemists and over-the-board players. Play The Catalan Pergamon Iakov Neishtadt £12.50 This is volume one of a thorough examination of the Catalan and is either a very sound introduction or a useful addition to Eric Schiller's and Moiseyev and Ravinsky's books on an opening that offers a great deal. More
P268 CEEFAX 268 Wed 30 Dec 21:31/10  5/6  BOOKS..BOOKS....BOOKS...  Mikhail Chigorin Batsford Efim Boguljubov £8.95 An excellent selection of games from one of the great talents in the history of chess, an inventive and highly successful tournament player, worthy of a place in any chess hall of fame. The Complete Chess Addict Faber Mike Fox and Richard N—lfs £5.95 A wonderful collection for both the serious and not so serious chess player. Lists, games, problems, people and anecdotes old and new are all here. A delight and the nicest stocking filler since Betty Grable. More
P268 CEEFAX 268 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/00  6/6  BOOKS..BOOKS....BOOKS...  Comprehensive Chess Endings Pergamon Y Averbakh and N Kopayev £14.50 Volume five of this notable series is devoted to rook endings. It deals with 808 positions and should prove invaluable to those needing to improve their endgame and endgame students. London Leningrad Championship Games Garry Kasparov Pergamon £9.95 No-one writes about Kasparov's games quite like Kasparov and although these games have already been subjgcted to detailed analysis, it is the world champion who not only has, but deserves to have, the last word. More