P254 CEEFAX 254 Wed 30 Dec 21:32/11  1/4     What could hunky actor Tom Selleck, better known as TV cop Magnum, possibly have in common with MP David Owen? Both have come up trumps in a quite exhaustive survey by Slimming Magazine in which its readers were asked to vote for their favourite personalities, or at least various bits of their anatomy. The magazine's readers declared both Tom and David to have the "best male body" but in different categories; Dr Owen only has the best politician's body while Tom beats the lot!
P254 CEEFAX 254 Wed 30 Dec 21:21/01  2/4     The over 40's and even over 50's certainly got the vote in '87 for their good looks and shapely bodies. Joan Collins, now over 50, was voted best dressed woman in a recent survey and came second only to the Princess of Wales in the category "most stunning woman in the public eye". Well-into-his-40's singer Cliff Richard scooped two titles: best dressed man and best head of hair - considering his age he's probably more proud of that title than one might at first think!
P254 CEEFAX 254 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/02  3/4     Other personalities featured in the "star ratings" survey were Victoria Principal and Neil Kinnock. Ms Principal, who will celebrate her 40th birthday soon, swept the board coming first with the most attractive face, shapliest legs and shapliest bottom! Neil Kinnock was voted the politician with the nicest personality followed by David Steel, David Owen and in foint fourth place Jeffrey Archer and Norman Tebbit.  More
P254 CEEFAX 254 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/01  4/4     Slimming Magazine's "star ratings" survey came as a bit of light relief to slimmers who answered questions about their own slimming hang-ups. The result is a not too pretty picture of the average slimmer who, at 31, likes her face but hates her hips, is married and has two children. Ms Average Slimmer is also 5ft 4ins tall, weighs somewhere between 11st-11 and 13st-3, squeezes into a size 16 dress and cannot give up chocolate! She also dreams of wearing tight jeans.  More