P218 CEEFAX 218 Wed 30 Dec 21:31/00   1/3     ITALY A 24-year-old woman from Liverpool has died of a fractured skull after a ski-ing accident at the alpine resort of Limone Piemonte. She was Jennifer Stirrup, who worked in a tourist office in Nice.  WEST GERMANY The authorities say a new round of trials of alleged Nazis is likely to begin next year after war crimes investigators assembled a list of 4,500 names from newly-available United Nations sources. INDIA Eighteen people died and 18 were injured when a five-storey building collapsed in Bombay today. News index 102/202 More
P218 CEEFAX 218 Wed 30 Dec 21:30/01   2/3     S AFRICA The operation to reunite the drifting Herald of Free Enterprise ferry with its tugboat may be completed this evening. The ferry of the Zeebrugge tragedy broke free in storms on its way to a Taiwan scrapyard. CARIBBEAN Millionaire businessman Mr Peter DeSavary is said to recovering with his family on the island of St Bartholomew after their plane crashed coming in to land, killing the pilot. GREECE The government has introduced emergency measures to cope with a heavy smog over Athens. Traffic in the city has been severely restricted.
P218 CEEFAX 218 Wed 30 Dec 21:31/14   3/3     IRAQ has said it has attacked another oil tanker off the Iranian coast. Gulf- based shipping sources have been unable to confirm the attack as yet.  News index 102/202 More