P216 CEEFAX 216 Wed 30 Dec 21:31/05       British junior foreign office minister Mr David Mellor has arrived in Israel for meetings with Palestinian and Israeli leaders. He is due to visit the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip areas, scenes of widespread recent violence, on two occasions early next month. Mr Mellor has accused Israel of heavy handedness in dealing with the recent violence. He was quoted as saying before leaving London, "The trouble with the occupied territories is that they are occupied". News index 102/202 Newsreel 119/219
P216 CEEFAX 216 Wed 30 Dec 21:01/00       A man and youths aged 17 and 15 have appeared before Liverpool magistrates on charges arising from last night's disturbance in the Toxteth district. Officers wearing riot gear were attacked during the incident by youths throwing missiles. A sergeant was hurt. Neil Bates, 17, and Steven Estridge, 26, were released on bail after being charged with violent disorder. Estridge was also charged with assault. The 15-year-old was remanded in local authority care, charged with violent disorder and assault. News index 102/202 Newsreel 119/219