P727 CEEFAX 727 Sat 14 Feb 18:33/44 |B2202210|a17MakHis5|i13BBC|l43389|s÷n2÷ b÷e|pelgium; Northleach in the Cotswoldq ; Stonor in OLS k. BM t of the Staple', woolman and  Flanders. WWST omas Betson (Merchants of the Staple), P fter DRM rom Bruges) and Thomas Springe  ). T T reared in Northleach, was sold by wool brokers to MS as William Stonor. The fleeces were pa cked SL ere they were checked by officers of  Staple and the CustomsN Thomas Betson took them overseas to Calais.  ool was sold to the brothers van de Rade , who took it to Bruges  to cloth. IB e for the importance of the town as a ba nking  oted for the sale of cloth. 