P293 CEEFAX 293 Fri 7 Feb 19:24/00  —0 | p—0p0—|0 p —0 —ph4 1/6   h4 Looking for something different? Volunteers are needed for 6-12 months to work in projects for single homeless people. Full board and pocket money are supplied. The National Cyrenians will be pleased to hear from you.  More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Fri 7 Feb 19:20/03  —0 | p—0p0—|0 p —0 —ph4 2/6   h4 Is there room in your heart for a child who needs you? When you become a sponsor with Action Aid's Child Sponsorship Programme, you give direct continuing help to individual children in impoverished countries throughout the world. The cost is not very great - the equivalent of one newspaper or a small loaf of bread a day. But it is all that is needed for Action Aid to provide education and practical training for one child in need.  More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Fri 7 Feb 19:25/03  —0 | p—0p0—|0 p —0 —ph4 3/6   h4 Camping for the Disabled aims to to encourage disabled people who already go camping to get together. The organisation urges them to help one another with any problems which arise, and also to give people who have not camped before the chance to do so. There is advice on equipment and sites that may offer special facilities for the disabled. Booking as a group can usually cut costs, so joining a group such as this has many benefits.  More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Fri 7 Feb 19:20/10  —0 | p—0p0—|0 p —0 —ph4 4/6   h4 Applications are invited for the 1985 86 Rural Community Projects in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust has a budget of £25,000 The Rural Initiatives Development Officer is willing to talk to any group interested in applying for a grant. The closing date for applications is February 28, 1986.  More
P293 CEEFAX 293 Fri 7 Feb 19:22/48  —0 | p—0p0—|0 p —0 —ph4 5/6   h4 The Compassionate Friends is the United Kingdom section of an international self-help group which aims to help and support bereaved parents through their grief. The many local branches welcome any parents who have suffered child bereavement, irrespective of the age of the child. All the members are bereaved parents, ideally placed to listen, comfort and offer support by telephone, letter and personal visits.
P293 CEEFAX 293 Fri 7 Feb 19:23/10  —0 | p—0p0—|0 p —0 —ph4 6/6   h4 If you need further information about any of the items included in this series, please send an A5 (8" x 6") stamped addressed envelope marked CF/242 to: Angie Perry Information Officer The Volunteer Centre 29 Lower King's Road Berkhamsted Herts HP4 2AB The Volunteer Centre regrets that it is unable to respond to telephone enquiries relating to these pages.  More