P275 CEEFAX 275 Fri 7 Feb 19:24/15  1/2         THE DRUM FRIDAY BBC2 (1938) Black and White 5.25-7.00pm  Set in the North West frontier in the days of the Raj, this Korda classic stars Sabu, Raymond Massey and Roger Livesey. Captain Carruthers, a well-respected soldier, signs a treaty with the Khan of Tokot for his protection and the inheritance of his young son.  But the Khan's brother distrusts the British and stages a bloody coup. Films for the week BBC2 267 More
P275 CEEFAX 275 Fri 7 Feb 19:24/05  2/2         EL CONDOR FRIDAY BBC1 (1970) 10.55-12-35am  Luke, a chain-gang prisoner in the post-Civil War West, is told of a fortune in gold hidden in a mountain fortress by a Mexican general. After a daring escape he meets Jaroo, a small-time conman, and his friend, Santana, an Apache leader, and they set out for the fortress of El Condor.  Lee Van Cleef, Patrick O'Neal and Jim Brown star in this Western adventure. Films for the week BBC2 267 More
P275 CEEFAX 205 Fri 7 Feb 19:05/01   2/2   BACKGROUND   President Duvalier, who left Haiti today, had been facing rising protests against thd regime founded by his father, "Papa Doc" He abandoned his father's use of voodoo to frighten his subjects but he effectively suppressed any opposition. Anti-government demonstrations, not seen in Haiti for 30 years, erupted in 1984 and intensified after five people died in a protest last November. More people died in continuing unrest and Mr Duvalier was forced to declare a 30-day state of siege on January 31. News index 102/202 More