P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:26/00  1/9                    WORLD TITLE CONTENDER FRANK BR]NO talks to Paul CLABBURN
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:27/33   2/9      BRUNO'S GREATEST TEST It will be the biggest heavyweight showdown in Britain since Ali faced Cooper in 1966 - Frank Bruno versus Gerrie Coetzee. Coetzee, a white South African, is a former World Boxing Association title- holder and the March 4 bout is a final eliminator for a tilt at the GBA crownN Can Bruno, at 24 already the European champion, move to within an ace of the world title he dreams of? Big Frank thinks he will - and he broke from his training to tell CEEFAX why 1986 will be his year. More
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:22/01   3/9      BRUNO'S GREATEST TEST Frank Bruno takes on Gerrie Coetzee on March 4 - but the young Londoner is showing no sign of the pressures that are part and parcel of such a fight. "I've got nice people around me and I live in Essex out of the way," he saidN "I've got a forest I can run round and a gym in my house - I'm just relaxed. can have massages and I walk the dog at night so there's no pressure." And he added ominously for Coetzee: "I think he's the one who is going to be under pressure." Sport Index 130 More
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:10/06   4/9      BRUNO'S GREATEST TEST Frank Bruno's last fight was a second round knockout of American Larry Frazier in which the European champion was noticeably more relaxed. "I feel much looser within myself," he said. "Sometimes there is pressure when you are champion of nowhere and fighting for nothing. "But the fights I am getting now are meaningful fights and they are helping me to achieve my goal so I feel better within myself," he added. A win over Gerrie Coetzee could set him up for the most meaningful fight of them all - a heavyweight title shot.
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:24/14   5/9      BRUNO'S GREATEST TEST If Frank Bruno is to beat hard-hitting Gerrie Coetzee, he will have to show the doubters that he can take a punch. The blot on a record that reads 27 wins and one defeat came when an exhausted Bruno was ko'd in the final round by M—lfs "Bonecrusher" Smith of the US. He had been miles ahead on points at the time and said: "The fight was nearly two years ago when I was a young boy and he was a very strong man. "If I could not take a punch I could not have gone 10 rounds with a puncher like 'Bonecrusher'", he explained. More
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:04/11   6/9      BRUNO'S GREATEST TEST The closest Frank Bruno has come so far to Gerrie Coetzee is when he saw the South African at a boxing show in the US some years ago. "I went there to get some experience and I saw him and know the strength of him and the history of him," he said. The young Frank was dissuaded from giving his picture to Coetzee. He said: "I wanted him to remember me but I never knew I would be fighting him." In Bruno's own words, the man he will face is "a very hard, very durable, very dangerous fighter who has had it the hard way." More
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:24/42   7/9      BRANO'S GREATEST TEST Whatever happens on March 4, Frank Bruno will have trained ferociously for his 'dmbley battle with Gerrie CoetzeeN "You only get one chance in life, if you're lucky you may get two," he saidN "I worked on building sites and had those sort of jobs so I could either dedicate myself to boxing or mess about "But then when you get to 30 or 35 you think 'If only I had knuckled down and had someone to guide me.' "I've got the opportunity, I've got the people backing me and I've got the tools so I'm dedicating myself" he sai—
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:25/23   8/9      BRUNO'S GREATEST TEST The rise of Frank Bruno owes much to hard work - and more than a little to the shrewd guidance of his manager, Terry Lawless. Bruno has developed as part of the Lawless stable and now finds himself in a division his manager labels as "extremely tough." Lawless explained: "There is not an Ali or a Frazier, one that really stands out as superior to the rest. "But of the current heavyweights, a great one will come through. I can't tell you exactly who that will be, but I hope it will be Frank Bruno."
P236 CEEFAX 236 Fri 7 Feb 19:27/41   9/9      BRUNO'S GREATEST TEST The BBC's Boxing Correspondent, Harry Carpenter, will be ringside when Frank Bruno takes on Gerrie Coetzee at Wembley on March 4. "It is the most vital fight Bruno has ever had," he said. "If he hopes to progress he must win. It is make or break for him." Harry Carpenter thinks Coetzee's best days may be behind him - and that Bruno could now give British heavyweight boxing a vast shot in the arm. "For me, Frank is the hardest hitting heavyweight around," he said. "I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him."