P224 CEEFAX 224 Fri 7 Feb 19:20/14   1/2     BUILDING SOCIETIES (1) + Societies' rates are not guaranteed and can change. The Building Societies Association does no more than present its members with an "advised" rate structure. Would-be investors should note that all rates quoted here are nominal rates and do not take into account the frequency with which interest is paid. NB All interest paid net of tax, which is not reclaimable, making this form of saving unsuitable for non-taxpayers.  More
P224 CEEFAX 224 Fri 7 Feb 19:21/11   2/2     BUILDING SOCIETIES (2) MONEY ON DEMAND (No penalty) Best Quoted Rates: Stroud 10.00a Prop Owner 9.75c W England 9.85c Cheshunt 9.75a Middleton 9.80d Skipton 9.70d Chelsea 9.80c Newbury 9.65b Hinckley 9.80a W England 9.60d Town & Co 9.80a Cheshire 9.60c Peckham 9.75e Bolton 9.60a Hinckley 9.75c Ipswich 9.55c P'brough 9.75c Wessex 9.50 KEY: a Min £20,000 b £15,000 c £10,000 d £5,000 e £2,000 f £500  More