P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:17/09  1/13   CEEFAX presents...          ...a sequence of
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:07/03   2/13      Mrs Thatcher has been called on to make a personal statement on the allegation by Mr Alan Bristow that he was offered a knighthood over the Westland affair. Mr Bristow said he was offered the honour by two peers if he dropped support for the European rescue bid. The Prime Minister has issued a written statement denying that such authority was either sought or given by anyone in the Government. But Labour leader Mr Neil Kinnock said Mrs Thatcher should explain personally to MPs, who had complained of not being able to question her. More details BBC2 203
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:00/04   3/13     Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has said his air force will intercept and divert to Libya any Israeli civilian airliner found flying across the Mediterranean. It was his first public response to Tuesday's interception by Israel of a Libyan executive jet. He said any planes forced down would be searched for what he called "Israeli terrorists". Ordinary passengers would be released. Israel has modified air routes in and out of the country as a security measure, it was announced today. News index 102/202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:00/04   4/13       Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier has left the unsettled Caribbean island in a US Air Force plane A State Department official said Mr Duvalier had requested US assistance. President Duvalier handed over power to a six-man military commission before leaving. He is expected to land in Grenoble, France, tonight but no details of his eventual destination have been released His departure has been celebrated in carnival-style in Port au Prince with thousands dancing in the streets. More details on BBC2 205
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:01/22   5/13      Confusion surrounds the Philippines presidential election. Counting is continuing but publication of results has come almost to a complete standstill. US Senator Mr Richard Lugar, head of an electoral monitoring group, has accused President Marcos's government of interfering with the results. Official sources put President Marcos ahead in the poll but opposition candidate Mrs Cory Aquino has already claimed victory. Further details BBC2 206
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:28/20   6/13     South Africa has lifted the state of emergency in seven of the 38 districts affected. President Mr P.W.Botha told parliament that the situation in various parts of the country was returning to normal after unrest that has claimed nearly 1,100 lives in the last two years. He said the emergency laws would be lifted in other areas as the situation returned to normal. President Botha has rebuked foreign minister Mr R.F.Botha for saying there would one day be a black president of South Africa.
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:20/18   7/13       A row has broken out in the Commons over a Governmdnt statement on civil service uniols' plans to ballot their members on political funds. The Government is urging the eight Ghitehall unions not to go aheadN It says such funds would not be in keeping with the "political neutralityB of the civil service which has to serve govdrnments of any political pdrstasion Dr Oonagh McDonald, fop the Oppochtion, said thd Govdpnment's comments were "utterly and completely unreasonable". News index 102/202 Newsreel 119/219
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:21/10   8/13     Staff have begun a series of one-day strikes at Department of HEalth and Social Security offices Many offices in Wales and south-west England are closed and employees will be holding ballots in other areas to decide whether to join the action. In Gales, more than 2,000 members of the Civil and Public Services Association have stopped work Staff in DHSS offices are protesting about the amount of work they are having to do. The 65,000 DHSS workers claim staffing levdls havd been cut by 10,000 since 1979N
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:20/15   9/13       WORLDCUP Anton Steiner of Austria scored his first victoby in a decade of World Cup competition when he took the downhill at Morzine, France. He clocked 1 min 38.85 secs over the 2,635-metre course to pip Switzerland's Gustav Oehrli —y 0 07 sdconds. Austrian Peter Wirnsberger, bidding for his fifth spccessive downhill win, finished third. He was a hundredth of a second slower than Oehrli Sport Index 130
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:22/10   10/13     jjj ENGLAND IN THE DST INDIES LEEWARD ISLANDS v ENGLAND Leeward Islands first innings Kelly c Thomas b Ellison 12 Lawrence c Emburey b Ellison 6 Richardson c Gatting b Thomas 19 Lewis c Thomas b Foster 6 Otto c Gooch b Foster 55 Arthurton c Botham b Ellison 11 Simon lbw b Emburey 16 Guishard not out 0 Benjamin not out 0 Extras 15 TOTAL (for seven wickets! 140 ENGLAND WON TOSS Sport Index 130
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:23/14   11/13      ENGLAND B IN SRI LANKA The England B team struggled for runs on a turning wickdt on the second day of their foqr-day match in Kandy. England, replying to Sri Lanka's first innings total of 271, were 144 for seven by the close. Schoolboy Sanjeewa Wderasinghe, who took four for 47 off 26 overs, and Bayananda Garnaweera, with three for 58, did much of the damage. Skipper Mark Nicholas was qnbeaten on 35 at the closeN Sport Index 130
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:20/13   12/13        BLANK 'FEKEND Snow and ice have ruined the weekend programme. No meetings were possible today and the four Saturday meetings at Uttoxeter Catterick, Ayr and Newbury have also been called off. The Schweppes Gold Trophy, due to have been held at Newbury, has now been lost five times in nine y—ars. Thf Schweppes is one of the season's biggest betting races. The total number of meetings lost to thd weather this season is 60. Sport Index 130
P219 CEEFAX 219 Fri 7 Feb 19:24/10   Forecas 13/13   6am-midnight ££!£!£!£"""£"  tomorrow  Southern and eastern  coasts: scattered snow  showers becoming less  frequdnt and strong * * * winds in the soqth. * *  * Other areas will have  bright or sunny intervals,  especially in the west.    Temperatures will be cold  or very cold in mosp areas  with overnight frost.   OETLOOK FOR THE NEXT 48 HOERS: Mostly dry and cold with severe overnight frost and some overnight fogN