P218 CEEFAX 218 Fri 7 Feb 19:21/10   1/2     NORWAY About 20,000 troops from eight NATO nations are to take part in a month-long exercise, code-named "Anchor Express", starting next week. It will be combined with a Norwegian army exercise called "Flotex". SOVIET UNION Thousands of fishermen have been rescued from ice floes off Sakhalin Island in the east of the country. They were fishing on the ice when it broke up and started drifting. UNITED STATES Briton David Jones, 42, was arrested for allegedly attacking a flight attendant on a British West Indies flight to Miami, Florida. News index 102/202 More
P218 CEEFAX 218 Fri 7 Feb 19:20/11   2/2     IRISH REPUBLIC Police have begun an internal inquiry into the disappearance of a £73,000 ransom paid during the search for missing racehorse Shergar in 1983. The money was lost after being left in a car boot in County Clare.   News index 102/202 More