P206 CEEFAX 206 Fri 7 Feb 19:21/14   1/2     Confusion surrounds the Philippines presidential election. Counting is continuing but publication of results has come almost to a complete standstill. US Senator Mr Richard Lugar, head of an electoral monitoring group, has accused President Marcos's government of interfering with the results. Official sources put President Marcos ahead in the poll but opposition candidate Mrs Cory Aquino has already claimed victory. News index 102/202 More
P206 CEEFAX 206 Fri 7 Feb 19:21/11   2/2  BACKGROUND   Electoral fraud is a fact of life in the Philippines, where presidential elections took place yesterday. Even before polling stations opened, opposition spokesmen claimed that vote rigging was underway in some of the more remote parts of the country. They said in some places ballot boxes and other equipment had not arrived in time for the poll, and in others, the boxes had already been stuffed with votes for President Marcos. Some people fear that much of the fraud will take place during counting. News index 102/202 More