P203 CEEFAX 203 Fri 7 Feb 19:21/00   1/3     Mrs Thatcher has been called on to make a personal statement on the allegation by Mr Alan Bristow that he was offered a knighthood over the Westland affair. Mr Bristow said he was offered the honour by two peers if he dropped support for the European rescue bid. The Prime Minister has issued a written statement denying that such authority was either sought or given by anyone in the Government. But Labour leader Mr Neil Kinnock said Mrs Thatcher should explain personally to MPs, who had complained of not being able to question her. More
P203 CEEFAX 203 Fri 7 Feb 19:21/11   2/3   BACKGROUND   The Prime Minister has stated that the only communication she had had with Mr Bristow on the 'fstland affair was a telex message from him. Mrs Thatcher said the telex, which was sent on December 16, requested a meeting with her. He was told that a meeting would not be appropriate. Mrs Thatcher said Mr Bristow indicated that he shared her view that it was the responsibility of the Westland board and its shareholders to resolve the situation and that he had decided not to pursue the matter any further.
P203 CEEFAX 203 Fri 7 Feb 19:24/10   3/3   BACKGROUND   Mr Alan Bristow, the largest private Westland shareholder with holdings of 15 per cent, is standing by the claims he made on ITN's News at Ten last night He claims he was offered a knighthood, a seat on Westland's board and 135p for his shares in return for backing the American Sikorsky rescue package. He told ITN's News at Ten last night the proposition was put to him on an "eyeball to eyeball" basis on the eve of the Westland shareholders' meeting last month. He turned the offer down, saying it was "completely contrary to my convictions"