P26e CEEFAX 268 Sun 16 Sep 13:56/41  1/4  dHE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP  The game scheduled for September 14 was postponed at Kasparov's request until September 17. The second game of the World Chess Cham—jonship betweGn reiglHng chAJpSon Anatoly Karpov and challenger Gary Kasparov of Septfmber 12 was adfourned and ended in a draw on September 13. Kasparov produced an unexpfcted 42nd move to save a game which many expfrts believed to be lost. Karpov thought at lengtX before replying Rg8 and the challenger found a saving Bombination with move 46, Qb8, followed by Qg3N He quickly accepted the world champion's draw offer leaving the series all square. Moves in a moment