P226 CEEFAX 226 Sun 16 Sep 19:41/10   1/6     UNIT TRUST PANEL The MONEYFILE Unit Trust Panel has been recruited from a number of independent advisory firms in an attempt to offer a path through the unit trust jungle. Unit trusts, it must be emphasised, can fall in value. Neither the panellists nor the BBC can, therefore, accept any responsibility for views expressed. Investors are, moreover, recommended to seek professional advice before buying. * Selections are geared for growth on a 12-month view and are considered worthy of inclusion in a balanced portfolio.  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/10   2/6     UNIT TRUST PANEL * SEPTEMBER selections: UK USA Japan Gilts Other Peter Edwards * * * Keith Laurence * * * * S Kean Seager * * * Mark Searle * * NB S = speculative  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Sun 16 Sep 19:40/00   3/6     UNIT TRUST PANEL Peter Edwards (Premier UT Brokers) * SEPTEMBER commentary: UK: Relatively cheap and fundamentally sound. Income funds are outperforming growth funds. USA: The cheapest market, but with the usual worries. Buy some now, some later. Japan: Attractive in longer term. Avoid hi-tech, buy domestic-orientated funds. Gold: Uninspiring now, but will surely benefit when/if the dollar weakens.  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/00   4/6     UNIT TRUST PANEL Keith Laurence (WestAvon Financial * SEPTEMBER commentary: Planning) UK: Buy for a 12-month view. USA: Continues to edge upwards. Buy. Japan: Buy for long-term hold. Gilts: Perhaps the best buy, especially for those needing income. Others: Avoid Hong Kong and Gold. Buy Australia as a speculation. Some cash should be retained to take advantage of any fluctuation in market trends.  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/10   5/6     UNIT TRUST PANEL Kean Seager (Whitechurch Securities) * SEP$DMBER commentary: USA: A significant rise since our July recommendation. But Wall Street still looks attractive. We expect Federal deficit problems to be alleviated in the longer term, and the market will move ahead as this is recognised. UK: Wall Street will lift share prices. But the BT issue may cause indigestion. Gilts: Still look attractive. Japan: Await further consolidation.  More
P226 CEEFAX 226 Sun 16 Sep 19:30/02   6/6     UNIT TRUST PANEL Mark Searle (Richards Longstaff) * SEPTEMBER commentary: USA: Remains a buy. If Reagan wins the November election, it seems likely that some tightening by the Fed will prove the catalyst for a broad reduction in interest rates in late 1985. UK: Longer-term outlook is encouraging. Inflation should remain low; but US interest rates exercise a powerful influence on market confidence. Japan: Good longer term, but still seems rather highly valued.  More