P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:05/01     M CEEFAX presents...          ...a sequence of the h—hn news, sport and
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:04/25       The Princess of Wales' new baby is to be n—ldd Henry Charles Albert David, it was announced today. Buckingham Palace said the royal couple intended to call him Harry. Mother and baby left St Mary's hospital in London this afternoon to the cheers of hundreds of well-wishers outside. Prince William, two-year-old brother of the new child, visited the hospital this morning along with his father. William left again about 20 minutes later, accompanIed by his nanny. Newsreel continue in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/13        Miners' leader Mr Arthur Scargill has announced a new plan to restore communication between the Coal Board and the NUM. Mr Scargill said an independent party was interested in listening to both sides in the dispute, but he would not identify the organisation and stressed that it would mediate, not arbitrate When talks broke down on Friday after five days, Coal Board chairman Mr Ian MacGregor said he was not interested in talking with a third party Energy Secretary Mr Peter Walker said today that current coal stocks would last well into next year.
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:11/00       Divers have resumed their search for barrels of radioactive material on board the French freighter Mont Louis. Operations were put off yesterday owing to force 6 winds and high seas. So far the joint Belgian-Dutch team has salvaged 13 full and 15 empty containers. They had hoped to lift the remaining 17 barrels this weekend. The Mont Louis has been lying in shallow waters 10 miles off Ostend since it was in collision with a passenger ferry on August 25. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:33/01        Dockers' unions and the British Steel Corporation have agreed on a formula which may end the national dock strike. A meeting in Glasgow between the Clyde Port Authority, BSC and officials of the transport union reached agreement after several hours of talks. They examined the use of non-union labour on the ore carrier Ostia, which docked at Hunterston three weeks ago. A dockers' delegate conference will now be called - possibly next weekend - to vote on the formula. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/11        Democratic presidential candidate Mr Walter Mondale is to meet the Soviet foreign minister for talks. The meeting between Mr Mondale and Mr Andrei Gromyko is to be held in New York a day before the Soviet minister meets President Reagan later this month Mr Mondale said he would emphasise the importance of resuming serious debates between the two countries in a bid to halt the nuclear arms race. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:40/01       The British Government has been urged to take a more sympathetic line to six South African men taking refuge in the British consulate in Durban. A lawyer representing the men is in London, claiming Britain is trying to coerce them into leaving the building, where they took shelter last Thursday. Mr Zac Yacoob is in Britain to urge the Government to change its attitude. The six - five Asians and an Indian - took refuge having being released from detention, but after hearing of orders for their re-arrest. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:41/14       Liberal leader Mr David Steel has returned to Britain for the start of his party's annual assembly. He has been on a tour of the Middle East and was the first politician from overseas to meet the new Israeli prime minister, Mr Shimon Peres. He will travel to Bournemouth for the Party's assembly, which starts on Tuesday. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:40/00       In India, the sacked chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state, Mr Rama Rao, has been invited to return to power. Chief Minister Bhaskara Rao, who replaced Mr Rama Rao four weeks ago, has resigned. The dismissal of Mr Rama Rao plunged India into a political crisis, with opposition politicians accusing the prime minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, of ordering the sacking as part of her plans for national elections. Mr Rama Rao's supporters have been planning strikes and protests to back their demands for his re-instatement. 
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:50/00       Two more ships have been hit in separate air attacks in the Gulf. One has been identified as the Heron, a Liberian tanker on charter to the US oil company Texaco. It was on its way to the Saudi oil terminal of Ras Tanura An SOS signal has also been received from a Sri Lankan-registered tanker, Royal Colombo. Reports said the attacks appeared to have been carried out by Iranian jets. There are no details of damage caused to either ship. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:42/33       Israel's defence minister has said his country will pull its forces out of Lebanon as soon as possible. Mr Yitzhak Rabin, recently appointed to the defence job, gave no date for a possible withdrawal. Observers say Israel is likely to be thinking in terms of years. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/12     J   Israel's defence minister has said has country will pull its forces Nut of Lebanon as soon as posbible. Mr Yitzhak Rabin, recenply appoinded do the defence Bob, gava no date for a possible withdrawal Observers say Isradl is likely to be thinKhng in terms of 1fars
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:30/59 Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:41/05        from Los Angeles Top seed Jimmy Connors says he plans to cut back on his playing schedule next year because of age and tiredness. Connors, 32, was speaking after a 6-4 7-5 win over Ramesh Krishnan had put him in the final of the $250,000 Grand Prix tournament against Eliot Teltscher "I'm worn", he said, "I'm mentally tired...It's a simple case of too much tennis for me at 32 and it won't happen again". Teltscher reached the final by beating fellow-American Dan Goldie 7-6 6-3. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/13       FAREWELL TO BRENT New Zealand-born jockey Brent Thomson returns to Australia next Sunday to ride for Melbourne trainer Colin Hayes. But Thomson, who has ridden 28 winners in his first season in Britain, said he will be back next year. "I have had a marvellous time here", he said, "I shall definitely return to England next year to ride for Barry Hills, Bill Watts and Jeremy Hindley." "I would have liked to have stayed to the end of the season...but I have obligations to ride some important race races for Colin Hayes this autumn."
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:02/10        LACIAR GUNNING FOR MAGRI Argentina's Santos Laciar successfully defended his gBA flyweight title and then immediately set his sIghts on Britain's Charlie Magri. Laciar knocked out Colombian challenger Prudencio Cardona in the tenth round in Cordoba, Argentina, last night. "I am very happy", he said after the bout, "Now I have a new objective. To fight Charlie Magri of Britain and take my revenge for the defeat he inflicted on meb. Magri beat Laciar on points in London in December 1982N
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/01         HEARNS DESTROYS HUTCHINGS Thomas Hearns of the United States has retained his World Boxing Council super welterweight title. He stopped Fred Hutchings, a fellow American, in the third round of their scheduled 12-round bout. Hearns twice floored Hutchings in the first round before the referee stepped in with Hutchings helpless on the ropes seconds before the end of the third. It was Hearns' 40th victory and 34th knockout against only one defeat, by the great Sugar Ray Leonard. Newsreel continues in a moment
P219 CEEFAX 219 Sun 16 Sep 19:00/10   Forecast for   24 hours from   6am Sunday:   N Ireland and western   Scotland will become  cloudy with rain or  drizzle at times spreading  to some central parts  later.  Wales and western England  will be mainly dry with   sunny intervals.   Eastern Scotland and , , , England will be rather , , cloudy with some rain in  places. OUTLOOK FOR THE FOLLOWING 48 HOURS: Changeable with some rain or showers, but mainly dry in the south at first.