P266 CEEFAX 266 Tue 22 Jul 21:03/17  1/4    PLAYG NPS Parents who cannot or do not want to send their children to a state-run nursery school may find a place for them at a local playgroup. Playgroups let childrfn benefit from contact with other children and help them learn through play. The activities do not usually include learning to rfad or write. These groups are irjblly run on a voluntary basis by parents who either take turns to act as playgroup leader, or pay someone to do so.
P266 CEEFAX 266 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/00  2/4    PLAYG NPS You will find that playgroups are run by social service departments, voluntary organisations or by private individuals for profit. Nearly all playgroups are part-time, meeting only on two or three mornings a week. Childrfn can attend as many sessions as their parents wish but they are usually closed for school holidays.
P266 CEEFAX 266 Tue 22 Jul 21:20/01  3/4    PLAYG NDPS If you want to send your child to a playgroup ask the social services department at your local authority if there is one in the area. All such groups must be registfred with the social services department. If there is more than one playgroup in the area, ask exactly what they provide in the way of facilities and activities Most groups are privately organised, so you can not insist that your child attends.
P266 CEEFAX 266 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/31  4/4    PLAYG NPA A playgroup usually ttrns children away gfly if the group is oversubscribed. Sometimes pardnts are asked to take away their child if he Hs unh—ppy therd or if the pardnts refuse to play a role in thd group. If you cannot find a place for your child in a playgroup, or if no group exists in your town, you can set one up. HOW TO SE UP A PLAYG NP