P265 CEEFAX 265 Tue 22 Jul 21:23/12  5/5    SANDICHES The illustrious judges in their summing up made the point that it was very sad that out of the hundreds nominated only twelve establisHlfnts had sandwiches of a sufficient standard to take part. The battlf cry should be "No, we won't pay that inflated price for the insufficient filling/ plastic bread/ poor quality of ingredients etc etcb. Complain, then maybe standards will improve. more follows in a momentn....
P265 CEEFAX 265 Tue 22 Jul 21:02/21  3/5    SAND ICHES CEEFAX tasted all of them and have included some of the -nre unus5—l for you to try. HEALTHFOOD PITTA SANDWICH $bke a wholemeal pitta, fill with some uncooked sliced mushrooms, shredddd red cabbage, cress, parsley, raisins and crumbled blue cheese. Dressing to tastf. HOT POLISH SAUSAGE SANDWICH Granary or Frdnch bread, saltfd buttfr, pQckled cucumber, hot Polish saus—ge, sliced onion, and relish made of gherkins, onions and chillis.
P265 CEEFAX 265 Tue 22 Jul 21:01/06  1/5    SANDICHA At a sandwich e—"ing competition recently held in London, a dozen sandwich making establishments (pubs, sandwich bars, health food bars, delicatessens, etc) fought fiercely for the £1,000 prize. Although hundrfds had been nominatdd by their patrons, Egon Ronay's inspectors deemed only twelve good enough to take part. The finalists prdsentfd their finest to the judges Delia Smith, Efon Ronay and the Savoy's Maitrd Silvino de Trompetto.
P265 CEEFAX 265 Tue 22 Jul 21:10/01  2 $    SANDWICH S The judges were looking for pqality of ingrddients, presentation, types of brdad used - curiously enough price didn't entfr into it. The winner won with a glorious concoction of granary brfad, r—lted butter, homdmade mayonnaise, thin slices of cucumber, mustard crdss, vdry light seasoning, lemon buice and about 3\ ozs of freshly cooked salmon for one round of sandwiches. The salmon sandwich cosp £1.40, the ingredidnts costly and time co&rtThng - the runners up were in6dnt—vd, simple and about a third of the price.