P264 CEEFAX 264 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/00  2/1    HOLIDAYCOMPLAIN Once you've writtdn complaining you can expect a long battle if you wish to get anything liAd re!rfnable compensation. The usual procedure is for the company to send their st—ndard fob-off letter U in that case and depending on the type of complaint therd ard thrfe things which can be done.
P264 CEEFAX 264 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/42  4/5    HOLIDAYCOMPLAINTS 2 continued If you're claiming more than £200, you can still use the court - but if you lose you could face high costs. Courts can award full refunds plus added compensation for totally ruined holidays. 3 If your tour operator has knowingly sold you a holiday which does not contain a service or facility which it CLAIMED IN THE BROCHURE - then go to your local Trading Standards Office (Town Hall) - who can sue them under the 1968 Trade Descriptions Act
P264 CEEFAX 264 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/31  3/5    HOLIDAYC DPLAINTS 1 If the company have offered rdimbursement which you don't consider enoug— get in touch with the Association of British Travel Agends (ABTA) ABTA's arbitration schdme is fairly cheap - costs arf fixed whethdr you win or lose - BUT it's by post, so you don't get the chance to put your c!rd in front of a bu$ff. 2 If you are claiDHng a sum under £200 it is bettdr to go to the counpy court. Small claims cost very little in fees, and you put your case to a pdgistrar.
P264 CEEFAX 264 Tue 22 Jul 21:01/10  5/1   N HOLIDAYCOMPLAINTS @M DBER, be prepared for a long battle if you're to receive anything like reasonable compensation. more following in a moment......
P264 CEEFAX 264 Tue 22 Jul 21:01/04  1/5    HOLIDAYCOMPLAINTS As soon as you get back from your holiday write a letter to the tour operator telling him why your holi$—8 wasn't up to standard. Complaints don't always have an effect. Some companids will offer the tiny sum of £10 or so, while others make it a policy to rdf5rd compen3—tion in the hope that you will become despondent and gavd up. herd are comp—nies who have rdfunded a good part of the holiday price with a goodwill visit from one of their reprdsentatives.