P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/42  4/5    THELATESTINMIC N AVEOVENS INDICATOR LIGHTS Which are fitted to give a visual indication that an operational sequence has been selectfd, is being carried out or has been completdd. TDMPERATURE PROBE A temperature probe is a specially made dgvhce with a flexible connection to a socket inside the cooking space. The point of the probe is pushed into the meat and the food is ready when the appropriatd temperature is shown on the display panel.
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 22 Jul 21:04/20  3    THELATESTINMICROWAVEOVENS INTEGRAL GRILL An intfgral grill incorporatdd in some cookers allows food to be Browned either bdfore or after cooking. PRNTABLE An oven with a ttrntable rotatfs thd food thus preventing cold and hot spotting on the food. If you already have a microwave oven which doesn't (—ve a turntable, you can now buy a battery (rd-chargeable) operatfd table to put in it.
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 22 Jul 21:01/00  5/1    THELATESTINMIC NV@VEOVENS FINGER TOUCH CONTROLS he lightdst of touches is needed. DIGITAL C N J W(hch will gave mord accuratd time control If you would like mord information concerning any aspect of mAcrowave cookers, —ven where you can see them beinc demonstratfd - rdnd a 4"x9" s.a.e. to T—e Microwave Oven Association, 16, The Broadway, London SW19
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 22 Jul 21:01/35  1/5    THELATESTINMICROWAVEOVENS Since they U ovens have had quitf a few refinements made to them. Besides the B—ric controls you can now find - DEFROST CONTROL In order to thaw quickly and evenly it operatfs the microwaves in short off and on spells. This allows the warmth creatfd in the food by the microwaves to spread throughout, without any cooking taking place. more follows ..........
P263 CEEFAX 263 Tue 22 Jul 21:10/01  2 $    THELATESTINMIC N AVE OVENS An elaboration of tHe defrost control is the variable power control. his gavds variation of the speed of cooking, which —llows you to extdnd thd time to cook cheaper cuts of meat. BROWNING TRAY A browning tray gives cooked food that tradational brown look which the quick cooking process of a Ehcrowave doesn't allow. It looks li!d a shallow or flat plate with a channel round it to contain excess liquid. Heat the tray for 8 lhns "—bord placing food on its hot B—rd, which will rdar and brown it.