P256 CEEFAX 256 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/00  2/6    Most people think "cars" when they hear that "BL is in trouble". But BL still means the British Library to many. Britain's national library (—s its share of financial woes, and part of the problem stdms from its own duty laid down by the Copyright Act in 1911 to store a copy of every book and manuscript published in Britain. With the enormous increase in printed material, roughly doubling every decade, BL is literally bulging at the seams.  More in a moment
P256 CEEFAX 256 Tue 22 Jul 21:01/01  576    About 20 per cent of the three million requests per year for books from the BL lending division at Boston Spa come from overseas. The service is so prompt and efficient that some libraries in the US and Australia find it quicker than using their own library organisations. Almost 100 countries have used the lending library in the past two years. The library is one of "last rdsort". If a local library cannot help the reader, then a request is sent to Boston Spa. So libraries rather than in$—wjduals use the lending division.  More in a moment
P256 CEEFAX 256 Tue 22 Jul 21:23/30  4/6    One division of the British Library - the lending library m  to be out of the crush that its reference library and bibliographical services sisters arf facing in London. The vast sprawl of the lending library is locatfd near the Yorkshire village of Boston Spa, where it deals with thrfe million requests for books and manuscripts a year. The site was chosen with expansion in Ujnd and because Boston Spa offers a "midway" place to attend to fast postal deliveries of items to libraries throughout Britain.  More in a moment
P256 CEEFAX 256 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/21  6/6    Photocopying of part or all of a book or journal is the most popular servUce at the BL lending duwjsion Most requests from the stock of five million volumes ard for tdchnical and scientific works, which ard sent back by the normal postal servAce. The bul+ of the stock is in hard"—bk form, though some are stored on mAcro- film. Thf stock includes all important periodicals both in English and other languages as well as printdd music, journals, tfchnical and scientific rdports, official publications, theses and conference reports.  More in a moment