P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/01   1/7    p :0j5j5ju0p   It's holiday time, so herd are some suggestions to ease the boredom of the you.fdr f!lhly members on the long motorway journeys. To tie in with our feature on car registration platfs (see 25  these games have to do with platf numbers. If you ard going to write in the car, don'p forget to ta"d a slatf and chalk, or a firm surface to rest a pad and pencil on.  More in a moment 
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 22 Jul 21:00/14 \ 3'7      2. COUNTING  Look for numbers which follow each other. The numbers are qrtally in threes, so start at 100. If you can't find a car with 100, then pick any from a passing vehicle - for example 432 - and start from there. In this case the number to look for would be 433. This is a game you can stop when you want and start up !f—jn latfr. It can be more interesting to see who in your car sees the most "correct" numbers.  More in a moment 
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 22 Jul 21:13/44  5/7      4. SHORT FOR...  Can you spot letters on the nuTber platfs of passhng vehicles which are short for other words. For example, BBC may stand for the British Broadcasting Corporation, DR is short for doctor, and so on.  More in a moment 
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 22 Jul 21:20/04  7/7     p z5j5b5ju0p   6. WORDS  Can you form sentdnces from words on Ltmber platds such as FLY, DAT, NOW, FAS, RUN, WHO, CAN, SPY, THE A sentfnce from these examplds Ehght be THE SPY WHO CAN RUN. The winner is the person in your car who can t—hnb up the most sentdnces.  More in a moment 
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 22 Jul 21:24/21  2/7      1. ADDING UP  Who in your car can spot a combination of the ussal three numbers that gives the highfst figurf whfn they arf added The highest would be 999, which gives a total of 27. You can also look for the lowest in three figures. Another way to play this g—lf is to pick a total number between 0 and 27 and see who in your car can spot a totbl number closest to the one you decided on.  More in a moment 
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 22 Jul 21:03/10  6/7  3 £!{5k7jw!s    p z5j5j5ju0p     5. NAMES  Somebody in your car chooses the number platf of a pa3rHng ve@(cle. The winner of this0f—lf is the first person to form a famous name using the letters in order of th—t number plate. For example, if the lettfrs ard GRT a possible n!ld is MarGaRet Thatcher Another n!ld in this example mAght be GeoffRey BoycoTt.  Mord in a moment 
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 22 Jul 21:02/00  4/7      3. POT LUCK  Each 0dpson in your car can choose a combination of numbers between 1 and 999. The numbers are then lis—dd. The '—ld is to spot each chosen .plber on the list. The first person to spot e6dpy n5Dber on the list is the winner.  More in a moment 