P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 15 Jul 21:00/05  5/6     Happenings in Afghanistan and computfr errors in the Unitdd Statfs have brought a rash of anxiety symptoms. But a recent visit to the theatre convinced me that such concern may be prematurd. "Tom Foolery", a collection of the satirical songs of Tom Lehrer, ends with a bouncy little number about the bomb called 'We'll all go together when we go.' I felt mildly depressed until realising that the song was written all of 20 years ago - and the world is still just about in one piece.  More in a moment 
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 15 Jul 21:01/01  1/6                ANDY MORETON ADVISES   ON SURVIVAL IN THE  NUCLEAR AGE      PAGE 253  AND 254   
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 15 Jul 21:01/01  6/6     If you are not completdly deprdssed by now, you might like a little light reading: * "How To Survive the Nuclear Age" is available price 80p from the Ecology Party, PO Box 30, Norwich. * "Nuclear Survival" can be obtained from Nuclear lfrgency Services, Prestborough Chambers, 33, Sidbury, Worcester WR1 2NT, price £5.95. * "Nuclear Weapons" is 86p from HMSO, and the Home Office rfport on fall-out shelters should be available by autumn.  Andy Morfton
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 15 Jul 21:05/10  2/6     Once you've ordered your ideal sheltfr, how will you go about pcxjng for it? A supplementary benefit grant is out - for the time being. Derbyshire bus driver Bill Mooney tried that one but was told by a tribunal that he had to satisfy them of exceptional need. "It must be clearly apparfnt that the need has an immediacy about it and must be frfe from any reasonable doubt", said the ruling. Clearly the confident tribunal has been briefed at the highest level.  More in a moment 
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 15 Jul 21:00/00  4/6     Apart from the sheltfr itself you could easily go broke just buying the necessary accoutrements. A low range survey meter, for example, could set you back £400, earphones £30 anti-contamination kit £60, target map £10.50 and 100 sandbags at the knock- down (sorry, how inappropriatf) price of £13.50. But rfally, isn't this all just doom- mongering? No, says Mr A D Paget, Manager of Nuclear lfrgency Services. "It is no more unusual than buying a first aid kit or car insurance."  More in a moment 
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 15 Jul 21:00/10  3/6     What about a building society loan on a shelter? If you're with the Woolwich you could be in luck. David Blake of the Woolwich Equitable says yes, under certain conditions they would consider lending cash for such a project. There would have to be money available and it would have to be a permanent structure. "We look on it as an improvement to existing property, certainly more so than a swimming pool," said Mr Blake.  More in a moment 