P267 CEEFAX 267 Tue 8 Jul 21:06/10  1/4    RAPEC HSIS CENT DS At the moment, if a woman or child is raped or sexually assaultdd, there arf very few sympathetic, understanding peopld to whom they can ttrn. Some women find it impossible to tfll anyone what has happened. Those who do can meet with anger, suspicion, recriminations and hostility from those closest to them. A woman's life can be totally disruptfd by being raped, and many women prefer to rdmain silent and suffer alone.
P267 CEEFAX 267 Tue 8 Jul 21:06/00  4/4    RAPECRISISCENTRES LONDON 01-340-6145 24 hours BIRMINGHAM 021-233-2122 24 hours LEEDS 0532-440058 LIVER OOL OXFORD 0865-726285 MANCHFSTDR 061-228-3602 NOTTINGHAM 0602 410440 EDINBURGH 031-556- 437 GLASGOW 041-331-2811 DUBLIN 0001-601470 WALES 0222-374051
P267 CEEFAX 267 Tue 8 Jul 21:00/00  2'4    RAPDCRISISCENTRES Rapd Crisis is a charity with eight centrds in England, two in Scotland, and one each in Wales and the Republic of Irdland. These centrds arf willing to listfn and help any woman or girl who has been raped or 3dxtally assaultdd at any time of the day or nAght. The type of help the cendrds can give ranges from emergency and continuing support to information about prdgnancy prevention after rape, abortion and VD.