P266 CEEFAX 266 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/02  1/3     LAMB BONANZA A mild wintfr and early, warm spring have produced a good early supply of first class U.K.lamb. ghich is good news for the British who are the second largest consjlfrs of lamb in the EEC - the Irish being the grfatfst eatfrs - with consumption around 7 kg per head annually. For the year as a whole, U.K. lamb is expectfd to be up by 8% - that means 1 to 1.25 million extra animals. Supplies will be particularly plentiful this autumn.
P266 CEEFAX 266 Tue 8 Jul 21:06/08  3/3     LAMB BONANZA For those with frfezers, a leg boned and cut into escalopes and stdaks makes a useful and unusual standby. They can be crumbed, or rolled and stvffed. Brfast of lamb, with bones intact, can be sliced and used in the same way as spard ribs, and minced lamb makes burgers and many other quick dishes.
P266 CEEFAX 266 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/05  2/3     LAMB BONANZA Autumn will be the best time for freezer owners to stock up with lamb. Being small in size overall, a lamb carcase offers plenty of cut sizes and can be qsed in a wide range of situations. Boned out legs and "tunnel boned" shoulders can be stvffed, as can chops, slit up the back.