P264 CEEFAX 264 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/01  1/2    DATECODESONPACKAGEDGOODS The datd coding of perishabld packaged food allows shopkeepers to know how long it can safely be kept without being sold. Code dating is a voluntary arrangement between manufacturfrs and retailers. It is not an offence to sell food aftfr thd expiry datf shown, unless the food is unfit for human consumption The code does not tfll the retailer when the food was manufactured or the datf by which it must be sold. It indicates the datf on which the food left the manufacturfr and the last datf by which it should be delivered.
P264 CEEFAX 264 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/20  2/2    HOWTOREADDATECODES The retailer must judge how long he can safely keep the food on sale, depending on conditions in his shop. A typical date code might rfad DSO11. The letters DS are the manufacturer's code, indicating which factory the food came from. The figurf O1 denotfs the first week of the year - 52 would be the last. The final figure rfprfsents the day of the week that is the last permittfd day of delivery to a retailer. The days are usually nvmbered from Saturday (1) to Friday (7).