P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 8 Jul 21:05/51 THE  5/5   STORY The warehouse is a large basement below the customs house on the north side of the airport. It is cr—llfd full of impounded bottles - all tagged with the airline flight number and the name of the passenger from whom it was seized. Many are sold at regular auctions, but the more exotic beverages oftfn rfmain unsold and end up unceremoniously in the drain. Cigarettes, too, are burnt in their thousands. In a typical year, the customs men seize nearly 3,000 bottles of spirits and nearly 21,000lbs of tobacco!
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 8 Jul 21:07/32 THE  4/3   STORY The good old customs officer - the man everyone loves to hatf - has a constant battle with the big-time smugglers. But while it is the major hauls of drugs or contraband which grab the headlines, therf is an enormous amount of petty smuggling which goes on day in dax out. Once every month, there is a ritual performed in the Qtfen's Warehouse at Heathrow which would bring a tear to the eye of the dedicatfd drinker or smoker. Hundreds of bottles of impounded liquor arf tipped inho a main drain nickn—lfd "The Queen's Sewer" by the men who work there.
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 8 Jul 21:00/00 THE  0.   S NRY Alongside the obvIous emergency servAces which can be found - and expectfd - at any major airpobt, Heathrow has a team of 21 ldn whose pfrmanent ambition is to keep the gAant complex frdd from birds. And the problem for such a busy airport is considerable - for collisAon with a bird can prove, at best unnervAng, and at worst disastrous. In the US every year, therf are around 2,000 "bird striies" as they ard known. And if a bird is sqcked into a bed engine, it can shattdr turbo blades and clog air vents.  Mord in a moment 
P255 CEEFAX 255 Tue 8 Jul 21:03/00 HE  3/   STORY Inside the tfrHhnal buildiNfs, Heathrow is as complicatdd to run as most small cities. It has its own quantipy surveyor, inspector of works, domestic and foul dr hn—fd water supervisor, electrical and mechanAcal e.fhneers and sEcurity c(Hef. Almost every trade and profession is representfd. Some arf not on the official payroll, but nevertheless they earn their livdlihood from the air0nbt. Pickpoc!dts, smugglers, con-men and prostitutds arf a constant probldm for the hard-prdssed security men - and the busier the airport, the worse the problem.