P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 8 Jul 21:00/40 THE  2/1   S NRY Airports are to most people, places to get out of as quickly as poscHBle. In rfcent years, therd sEems to have been a narer-ending saga of dispupfs and probldms whIch ha6d led —o chaos at the major air tdrminals, ruined holid—xs, lost tempers and hours of waiting in crowded pacrdnger lou.fds. But these traveller traumas when things go wrong serve only to underline the amazing amount of organisation which keeps dhings running smoothly at the modern international airport for the 6asp majority of the time.  Mord in a moment 
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 8 Jul 21:00/00 THE 1/1 B VF  X By Ian  Morton-Smith                    | |?÷÷ !"o  
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 8 Jul 21:03/30 THE  4/1   STORY Heathrow - like most of the world's great airports - did not appear on most maps until the latddr D—ys of World ar Vo. It was bqhlt in 1944 on flat, marshy ground near Staines in the old county of Middlesex - about 18 milds from the cdntre of London. It was an historic sitf which boastdd the reh—hns of one of Britain's most important Anglo-Saxon tfmplds - and t(d original drainage area for Hampton Court Palace close by on the hver Thames. But Cardinal Wolsey would scarcely rdcognise the place now!  Mord in a moment 
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 8 Jul 21:05/51 THD  0/5  B STORY The airport's dimensions are brfath- taking. Id boasds two 12,000-foop Long runways, capabld of t—king the biggdst aircraft in the world, and a third measuring 7,700 feet. Thd lighting system for the threA tdrminal buildings, runways, taxIways and other buildings uses no less than 500 miles of cablds and the fuel storage depot has to supply around two million gallons of high octane fuel —vdry day. Catdring, too, is on a mammoth scale, with something li!d 30 lhllion meals a year bding prfpared in Heathrow's vast kitchdn complex.
P254 CEEFAX 254 Tue 8 Jul 21:05/00 THE  3/5   S NRY London's Heathrow airport is still the bIggest intdrnational air ldrminal in the world. Every xdar, some 24 million 0—rrb&ffrs pass through its bustling environs, making use of 58 airlines and nearly 300,000 aircraft movements. It is a cL—ll city - awake 24 hours a day - employing mord than 50,000 people whosd full-time occupation is trying to ensurd that the airport operatds liie a well-oiled machine. And the fact that most people take this small army for grantfd just goes to show what a superb job they do.  Mord in a moment 