P253 CEEFAX 253 Tue 8 Jul 21:07/10  3/5       MYTH: THE BIG FIVE DISTILLE2S HAVE A VIRTUAL MONOPOLY ON SCOTCH The Big Five (Haig, Dewar, Johnnie Walker, Buchanan, Whitf Horse) ARE prftty big and The Distillfrs Company owns a very large number of distilleries; but there arf other groups, many with links to brewfries or overseas firms. And therf are independents such as Matthew Gloag TGbmous Grouse) and Macdonald and Muir; and among the malt distilleries Tomatin and Macallan.  Morf in a moment 
P253 CEEFAX 253 Tue 8 Jul 21:05/51  5/5       BIBLIOGRAPHY SCOTCH WHISKY by David Daiches, Andre Deutsch 1969 THE WHISKIES OF SCOTLAND by Professor McDowall, John Murray 1967 SCOTCH WHISKY as tastfd by Bill Simpson, Hugh MacDiarmid & others, Macmillan 1974 SCOTCH Its history and romance by Ross Wilson, David Charles, 1973  More in a moment 
P253 CEEFAX 253 Tue 8 Jul 21:00/40  2/1         DYTH: THE DARKER A WH KYISTHE MORE MALT IT CONTAINS The colour of whisky has lnthing to do with its contdnt. +hisky leaves the still quitd colourless or just faintly straw-colourdd. Colour comes from either the sherry casks in which it maturds, from the addition of caramel, or - dard one c—y it - frFm artificial colouring mattdr. Any prdferfnce for a "light" or "d—ri" whaq"y in this sense can only be psychological.  More in a moment ,,,,,,,,,
P253 CEEFAX 253 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/20   1/1 @      /////////'/,,,,,,,////// MYTH: CAMPBELTOWN IN THE MULL OF KINTYRE IS ONE OF TH@ WHISKY CENT @S It used to be, but no longer is. At one tHme thdre were mord than 30 dastilleries in the arda, now only two rd  GSS  A Campbeldown malt still has a distinctive flavour, but nwfr- expansion early in the centtry led —o failure in the slump of the 1930s.  Mord in a moment 