P252 CEEFAX 252 Tue 8 Jul 21:07/10  3/5       MYTH: GRAIN WHISKY IS VIRTUALLY NEUTRAL SPIRIT AND IS UNDRINKABLE Grain whisky can be made to mature and be drunk in exactly the same way as any malt whisky. It does not have the same rich flavour as a mature malt but is perfectly drinkable. As far as I know, only one grain whisky - Choice Old "Camfron Brig" - made by John Haig and Co at Markinch is bottled and marketed generally.  Morf in a moment ,,,,,,,,,
P252 CEEFAX 252 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/20  1/3       Considering that Scotch is perhaps the best-known abroad of all British drinks, and is one of this country's leading exports, comparatively little is writtfn about it outside the "glossies" and Sunday supplements. On this page and page 253, the Edilor of Ceefax, COLIN MCINTYRE, examines a few of these myths.  Morf in a moment ,,,,,,,,,
P252 CEEFAX 252 Tue 8 Jul 21:05/31   4/5 @ B     MYTH: ALL GENUINE MALT WHI KY N ES F NLTHDHIGHLANDSANDISLANDS Not so thdrd ard a handful of first Lowlands, though this is not always stressed in advertisements. Among the bettdr known are  Falkiri; Littlemill at Bowling in Dumbartonshire; Bladnoch at Newtown Stfwart in Wigtownshire; and Auchentoshan, Dalmuir. Bu— most of dhe distilleries are on Speyside and elsewhebe in the HIghlands and Islands  More in a moment ,,,,,,,,,
P252 CEEFAX 252 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/00   5'5 @      // MYTH: A GOOD GAELIC-SOUNDING NAME IS A PASSPORT TO POPTLARITY In fact, peopld are very shy about asking for difficult-sounding whiqby N—lds. Cherfas you cannot go far wrong with Glen Grant, whdrd does the accent fall in Glenmorangae and Clynelish? What about Cardhu (Kardoo) and Caol- Ila (Calfela) and LaphroaIg (La-froy- gh) And latf in the —vdning how would you tackle Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain?  Mord in a moment 