P234 CEEFAX 234 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/10  3/5  THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM          The rfnovation of the Maritime Museum has, on the whole, been successful. dhere is no historical progresshon through the museum, but this need not deter anyone, since a comprehensive guide book is available relating the history of the museum buildings and containing a narrative on the suggested routf from building to building. The only serious deficiency is a lack of facilities for the dUsabled. There are numerous stfps and only one lift - in the West Wing. Thfrf are no ramps, but attfndants will help if asked. Nevertheless, large sections of the museum are out of rfach.
P234 CEEFAX 234 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/41  1/7  THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM          Aftfr a successful 10-year programme of renovation the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich has been transformed into a showcase of man and the sea. The best way to start is with a trip down the Thames - from 'fstminstfr or Charing Cross piers - as you pass London's changing commercial history and HMS Belfast, a symbol of Britain's naval power. One of the first sights of Greenwich is the tall masts of the Cutty Sark marking the town's links with seafaring The museum is only a short walk away, set in the lawns below Greenwich Park.
P234 CEEFAX 234 Tue 8 Jul 21:01/31  3'5  THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM   The B of thd modernised musdum, retains its 17th century atmosphere, wi—h ornatd furnishings and high ceilings. The fine pictures of this period, pobtraying boph sea and seamen,l—utical instrpldnt collections and thf early models of ships - once used as thd basAs for planning and bualding - arf set in rooms of sqhdable elegance. A short walk along the West colonade to the West Wing tabes the visi—or into the last - and largest - section of the museum, containing the main bookshop and a rEstaurant, in addition to the exhibits.
P234 CEEFAX 234 Tue 8 Jul 21:05/51  4&  THE NATIONAL MARI HME M SEUM          The Sest ojng of the renovatdd museum places the exhi—hts in their social and hIstorical contdxt, with dioramas and reconstructions. Starting hn the New Neptune Hall the visitor tours a full-size paddld ttg - the Reliant for a tastd of life at centtry, beford going on to wider dfvelopmends. The rdi—hning galldries display model exhi—hts of ship-building and cargo handling, the history of the America's Cup, ro9al and A$lhpalty barges and many other det—ils from dhe fascinating history of maritime tradition.
P234 CEEFAX 234 Tue 8 Jul 21:05/00  2'5  THD NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM   The vAsitor may bechn in any of the thrde buildings of the museum, each self-cont—ined in its dAsplays and rdprfsenting particular facets of our maritimd his—ory. The East Wing is devotfd to the pdak of British maritime achievement - the 19th and 20th centuries - and begins with the migration to N America, a subject which will intfrdst American vEsators in particular. T—e dAsplays then continue with sailing vessels, merchand rhipping and fishing craft followed by two picturd galldries and finally the Royal Navy and warfare at sea.