P233 CEEFAX 233 Tue 8 Jul 21:04/00 \ 2/2 THEATRE NE          THE YOUNG NATIONAL TRUST THEATRE This section of the National Trust, founded thrfe years ago, gaves childrfn the opportunity to meet charactdrs from the history of the Trust's houses. It has been described as an exciting and imaginative way of tfaching history and is an important experiment in educational theatrf. A shortage of funds may prevent the Trust's last two productions of the season - Drake's arrival at Buckland abbey and an incident in the history of Little Morfton Hall, Cheshird.
P233 CEEFAX 233 Tue 8 Jul 21:07/10  1/2 THEATRE NESS          A Theatrd-Rail Club has been set up by British Rail, the Arts Council and the Society of West End Theatres. The club will offer discounts to those travelling to London to see shows in seventfen thdatres. Discounts will average 20 per cent - higher for those travelling long distances. Shows currdntly benefiting include Evita and the new musical Sweeney Todd. The club has been set up to boost audience figurfs, which have been dropping as prices rise. Members will book their tickets from the club's offices in St Albans, Herts.