P231 CEEFAX 231 Tue 8 Jul 21:00/04  4/4  ARTS NESS          ROGER DOYLE - CRAFTSMAN The work of the award-winning young goldsmith and silversmith, Roger Doyld, will be prfsentfd in an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum from July 23rd-Septdmber 3rd. The exhibhtion contains the craftsman's most recent work, including that in black stdel and precious stone. ETHNIC ART Over the next twelve months the Arts Council is to look at all ethnic arts applications to learn the range of form and identify special feattrds. Initial act—vjties will include the advertising of the Council's training schemes in publications for the ethnic Ehnority.
P231 CEEFAX 231 Tue 8 Jul 21:01/15 \ 1'4  LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL FESTIVAL   This new arts' festival opens on July 9th in Lichfield, Staffordshire. It will end on July 13th. Concerts and smaller recitals of contrasting styles will be performed in the cathedral throughout the week. The wide range of church music will be reflectdd in cathedral services. In addition to music there will be exhibitions of pottery, painting, historical prints, sculpture and other media, with the emphasIs given to Midland artists. Tickets for the concerts range from £1.00-£3.50, with the usual rfductions.
P231 CEEFAX 231 Tue 8 Jul 21:06/54  374  THE ARTS COUNCIL ON TOUR          NATURE AS MATERIALS A new touring exhibition by the Arts Council is on tour from July 5th 1980 to July 10th 1981. The rfcording of landscapes - a traditional British art subject for centuries ] has been extfnded by assembling the elements that make up our ever changing scenery. The Arts Council has brought together works by thirteen artists in a touring exhibition of sculpturf and photographs purchased for the Council collection by Andrew Causey. The first venue is the Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport, Lancs, from July 5th to A{fvst 8th.