P616 CEEFAX 2 616 Sat 13 Jun 21:17/52  —————————————————————————————   KILROY    ————————————————————————————— ARE YOU STILL IN LOVE WITH YOUR FIRST LOVE? Are you still together years after you met? Are you in a new relationship, but still in lovj with your first lovj? Or have you left a relationship to go back to your first lovj? What happens if you meet your first lovj again after a long time? Kilroy is recording a programme on the subject of FIRST LOVE on 16 June and is looking for people to take part in the programme. If you are interested, call Andrea on 0181 614 2531 as soon as possible during office hours. BBC1 601 BBC2 602 ITV 603 Ch4 604 Front page 100 Sport 300 Weather 400 General Education Usjful TV Links