P701 CEEFAX 701 Thu 23 Jun 20:14/07  1/6  TELESOFTWARE  NEWSLETTER 32 TELESOFTWARE QUESTIONS - PART 2 Q:Will programs be broadcast at certain times of day? A:No, they will be available whenever CEEFAX is on the air. Q:Can I save programs which have been downloaded on to disc or cassette? A:Yes. A downloaded program behaves in exactly the same way as one which has been typed in at the keyboard. Q:What will happen to programs after they have been transmitted? A:Many of them will be published, or made available by other methods.
P701 CEEFAX 701 Thu 23 Jun 20:04/14  2/6  TELESOFTWARE  NEWSLETTER 32 INTERACTIVE VIDEO DISCS In 1982, the BBC launched the Videobook of Garden Birds, by David Attenborough, on videodisc. A CEEFAX magazine is also encoded on the disc. This means that anyone who has a teletext receiver can access more information and subtitles. The next major step towards interactive videodiscs has now been acheived. Using an ordinary BASIC program on the BBC micro to control the videodisc player, video sequences may be accessed easily under software control. These programs can be transmitted as telesoftware, or encoded on the disc for downloading by the teletext adapter. More in a moment
P701 CEEFAX 701 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/35  3/6  TELESOFTWARE  NEWSLETTER 32 TELESOFTWARE TOP OF THE POPS EMI Records have produced a pop single with a song on one side and a computer program for the Sinclair ZX81 on the other. The record is by Chris Sievey, and has a program to display the lyrics with accompanying graphics on the B side. The software includes a game, called Flying Trains. The record is aimed towards those who are interested in computing, with the hope that it will encourage an interest in music.
P701 CEEFAX 701 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/41  4/6  TELESOFTWARE  NEWSLETTER 32 HARDWARE REPORT The shortage of components for the disc interface is still delaying deliveries of machines and upgrade kits. Deliveries of other items are also subject to delay, due to high demand. Technical questions on the BBC Micro can now be dealt with by telephone, on 0223-210111, or by writing to: The Customer Services Manager, Acorn Computers Ltd. Fulbourn Road Cherry Hinton Cambridge CB1 4JN. Copyright Notice follows
P701 CEEFAX 701 Thu 23 Jun 20:06/31  5/6  TELESOFTWARE  */*/*/ NEWSLETTER 32 COPYRIGHT NOTICE A Domestic users of a program broadcast on CEEFAX may 1 Make two copies only for private purposes. 2 Adapt or modify it for private purposes but not for sale. B Educational and training institutions and agencies may 1 Record and use this program for their own educational and training purposes but not for sale. Copyright notice continues
P701 CEEFAX 701 Thu 23 Jun 20:03/14  6/6  TELESOFTWARE  NEWSLETTER 32 COPYRIGHT NOTICE (continued) Educational and training institutions may 2 Adapt, modify and distribute a program for their own educational and training purposes but not for sale. C No part of a program may otherwise be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the BBC (except in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1956)