P199 CEEFAX 199 Thu 23 Jun 20:10/33         An inquest in Northern Ireland has recorded formal verdicts on the deaths of 17 people in the Ballykelly disco bombing last December. The jury said the 11 off-duty soldiers and six civilians died from their injuries. A crowded court at Limavady, County Londonderry, was given details of the explosion which ripped the Droppin' Well disco apart. No warning was gi6en. T(e Jrish National Libetation ArMy had claimed responsibility for the outrage, but no-one has been charged.
P199 CEEFAX 199 Thu 23 Jun 19:44/11         Supplementary benefits are to go up by 4.3 per cent from November 21 under a £1\ billion package. Social Services Secretary Mr Norman Fowler told the Commons that retirement pensions would also go up - by 3.7 peu cent. Opposition spokesman Mr Brynmor John said the increasjs would leave people facing "greater hardships" and showed t(e GovernUent cared for t(e rich, not the poor. Newsreel continues in a moment.--
P199 CEEFAX 199 Thu 23 Jun 19:45/41         Prince Edward is to join the Royal Marines as a 2nd Lieutenant on probation before going up to Cambridge University in the autumn. The Prince attended the Royal Marines' potential officers' course at Lympstone in May last year and was awarded a cadetship after an Admiralty interview. Towards the end of his degree course he will spend some time in a commando unit where he will eventually serve as a rifle troop commander following his young officer training. Newsreel continues in a moment...
P199 CEEFAX 199 Thu 23 Jun 10:44/14  BBC SPORT  Sebastian Coe has been named in Britain's team for the World Championships - but rivals Steve Ovett and Steve Cram must prove their fitness before booking a ticket for Helsinki. The main body of the squad for the Championships in August will be announced on July 16, but Coe, in the 800 metres, is one of 20 early selections. Decathlon champion Daley Thompson and triple jumper Keith Connor are among the first choices. So, too, are Kathy Cook, Britain's best hope for a women's sprimt medal, and javelin rivals Tessa Sanderson and Fatima Whitbread.
P199 CEEFAX 199 Thu 23 Jun 20:04/48          Vitas Gerulaitis, the eighth seed, is out of the men's singles. The American was beaten 7-6 7-5 7-5 by the unseeded Australian Mark Edmondson, who also beat Gerulaitis in last 9ear's quarter-finals. This result is the latest setback in a series of disappointments for the 28-year-old Gerulaitis. His game was littered with unforced errors and the only time he seeMed to Cet wor+ed up was when he complained about the antics of the photographers. Gerulaitis' record for 1983 shows three eirst and three second round losses.