P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 10:45/09  1/13                      REPORTSFOLLOWINAMOMENT
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 19:46/09  3/13  LOCATIONAL EX FARM  SPOT PRICES UU Tkesday June 22 CEREAL PRICES Change on last week FEED WHEAT N East 137.60 ---- FEED BARLEY N East 125.30 -140 Scotland 123.60 + 90  The UK monetary coefficient for week beginning June 27 is expected to be 0.948 
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 20:08/43  4/13 POTATOPRICES P CROWN K EDWARD June 21 M PIPER DESIREE WILJA and similar varieties PRODUCERS' PRICE PER TONNE SOUTHERN £50-65 50-65 EASTERN £30-80 40-75 MIDLAND £35-78 ----- NORTHERN £40-68 55-60 SCOTLAND SOUTH £50-65 ----- SCOTLAND CENTRAL £50-65 ----- SCOTLAND NORTH £40-55 ----- WHOLESALE PER 25KG LONDON 1.50-2.80 1.80-3.20 MANCHESTER 1.50-2.40 2.20-3.30 BIRMINGHAM 1.70-2.50 1.80-3.30 EDINBURGH 1.80-2.00 ---------  More in a moment...
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 20:10/12  THE SCOTTISH 7/13  AGRICULTURAL U COLLEGES  SPR NG BARLEY AND W NTER WHEAT Recent dry weather could favour mildew - consider spraying infected crops before full ear emergence. OILSEED RAPE Consider spraying if alternaria or botrytis is present on the pods or on the upper stem and leaves or if the crop is lodged. M re in a moment. .
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jkn 20:13/44  8/13  ADAS NATIONAL PEST  AND DISEASE REPORT  CATTLE - WARBLE FLY Infestation is heavy in the south we1t and north Wales, especially Anglesey. Inspect cattle regularly until end of July. If warbles are suspected contact divisional vet immediately. SHEEP SCAB Compulsory dipping dates are July 3 to August 27. Dip every sheep for a full minute.
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 20:04/01  9/13  ADAS NATIONAL PEST  AND DISEASE REPORT  PEA MOTH rowers in ADAS Eastern region operating pea moth traps in dry ha ve t peas are advised to phone Cambridge 319183, 3- days after reaching thresh- hold for calculated spray dates. Generally catches of moths have been low. Reports of a few early thresholds. 10 June threshold spr y 22/23 June South) 24/25 June (N rth). 17 June threshold spray 28/29 June. More in a moment.
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 20:04/55  10/13  ADAS NATIONAL PEST  AND DISEASE REPORT  SPRING BARLEY Spray if mildew or rhynchosporium is preseLt in crop. CEREAL APHIDS Numbers of cereal aphids are low. Where five or more are pre3ent at flowering and weather is warm and settled, apply spray. WINTER WHEAT +ide spectrum sprays are recommended now for control of late season disea3es @
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/39  11/13  ADAS NATIONAL PEST  AND DISEASE REPORT  POTATO BLIGHT Potato Blight has been confirmed in earlies and maincrops in Lincs and Eastern region and on earlies in Kent Somerset, Cornwall and +ales. Spray warnings in operation in all regions except the north. BLACK BEAN APHID Numbers are low at present. Treat spring beans when 5 per cent of plants are infested. More follows in a moment...
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 10:45/56  12/13  ADAS NATIONAL PEST U AND DISEASE REPORT  PEA MIDGE Duration of midges is well advanced and adult emergence is expected this week in Eastern couLties and in South Lincs. and probably within the week in the Lincs wolds. Crops at the susceptible 6mm bud stage should be examined and treated if necessary. WEED BEET Weed beet have now been seen in a number of sugar beet crops in spite of the late slow start to the season. Many will be killed by the first and second tractor hoeings. Incorporation of Trifluralin will kill late germinating seeds but must be done according to label. Bolters not yet reported, but may be seen soon.
P168 CEEFAX 168 Thu 23 Jun 10:44/26  13/13  WEST COLLEGE   DIRECT DRILLED KALE After first cut silage spray with an appropriate herbicide when regrosth is 10-12 cm high and growing vigorously. With paraquat a split treatment can be more effective than a single spray. Apply adequate fertiliser-kale can use up to 150 kgn, 120 kgp20, 120 kgk20/HA depending on soil status. If pH is too yield will suffer. Sow at 6kg/ha by mid-late June See College's advisory leaflet No74