P159 CEEFAX 159 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/13       The championships were dominated by a name that is still hallowed in tennis circles...Renshaw. The men's final - women did not play at Wimbledon until the following year - was contested by the Renshaw twins, William and Ernest. Victory went to William, the elder by 15 minutes, who took his third title in succession with a 2-6 6-3 6-3 4-6 6-3 win. William went on to take the men's title six times on the run and seven times in all while Ernest was singles champion once and runner-up four times.  More in a moment
P159 CEEFAX 159 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/04       Just for good measure, the twins combined to win the men's doubles seven times. The Renshaws were indistinguishable physically until they got to the tennis court. William was all power and speed while Ernest had quicker footwork and more delicacy of stroke. What separated them was William's boldness of execution and his coolness under pressure.  More in a moment