P128 CEEFAX 128 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/38  1/2      STOCK MARKETS/THURSDAY CLOSE  Leading shares were generally neglected as investors concentrated on special situations. Oils provided many of the day's best features following news that the USSR was lifting its crude oil price. The news also boosted the pound and gilts responded by reversing initial falls to finish as much as 1/2 higher. In equities, leading shares were mixed. Electricals were generally firm and builders managed to recoup part of their losses from Wednesday.  SHARE PRICES 131/132 
P128 CEEFAX 128 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/42  2/2      STOCK MARKETS/THURSDAY CLOSE  Amongst a large batch of companies reporting, Redland was a penny higher after its profits improvement and Burnett & Hallamshire jumped 40p to 745p on its results (see Page 125). In special situations, Brengreen rose 4p to 81\p on consideration of results and news of a subsidiary's contract (see Page 123). Ault & Wiborg rose 21 to 55p after news that shareholder Sun Corp was thinking of making a bid for remaining shares (see Page 123). John Laing "A" rose 10p after an encouraging AGM statement.  SHARE PRICES 131/132 