P117 CEEFAX 117 Thu 23 Jun 20:06/51   1/3       More than 400 redundancies have been announced by Weir Pumps at their plant in Alloa, Scotland. A mass meeting of the workforce is now under way. The strike at the Cammell Laird ship- yard at Birkenhead is over. The welders involved in the dispute have agreed to return to work while negotiations continue. The mother of Jacqueline Hill, last victim of the Yorkshire Ripper, has said she will sue the former chief constable of West Yorkshire, Mr Ronald Gregory, if he sells his story of the Ripper hunt to a newspaper.
P117 CEEFAX 117 Thu 23 Jun 20:05/53   2/3       A 13-year-old Derbyshire boy missing from his home for two weeks has been found by police staying with older friends. He failed to return home after school because of homework problems. A Birmingham man who set a trap in his garden which caught his neighbour's cat has been fined £500. David Flynn said he had set the trap for rats. The cat survived. In Belfast fines totalling almost £1,300 have been imposed on 26 people who admitted personation during the general election voting.
P117 CEEFAX 117 Thu 23 Jun 20:04/26   3/3       A group of 15 people arrested outside the palace of Westminster after chaining themselves to the railings were conditionally discharged for a year by Bow Street magistrates today. They were protesting for electoral reform. A man is in hospital after being shot during an armed robbery at the National Westminster Bank in Tunbridge Wells. He is reported to be a security guard. The robbers escaped with £17,000.