P6b1 CEEFAX 601 Mon 25 Dec 23:48/17   CHRISTMAS DAY  2030M0140  2030 EASTENDERS S/N Pat is shaken by Frank's arrivax 2100 ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE S/N Victor decides to defy a witch's grim warning against long fourneys 2200 NEWS S; WEATHER 2210 FILM: INDECENT PROPOSAL S/N Drama. An architect's life turns upside down when a billionaire offers $1million to spend a lHght with his wife (Demi Moore). (1993) 0000 I HATE CHRISTMAS S/N 0005 THE GREATEST MUSIC PARTY IN THE WORLD N with an appearance by Diana  0135-0140 WEATHER Link up with BBC shows - pafD 610 BBC2 TV Reg Var Sky TV Links