P604 CEEFAX 604 Mon 25 Dec 23:50/01   CHRISTMAS DAY  2105-0455  2105 ENGLAND, MY ENGLAND S/N John Osborne's musical play about composer Henry Purcell starring Michael Ball and Simon Callow 0000 FILM: HOW TO STEAL A MILLION S Crime caper with Peter O'Toole as a PI hired by a woman to take one of her father's sculptures before it is found to be a fake. (1966) 0220 FILM: SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY A terminally ill actress selects an orphan to help her husband overcome his grief. Tearjerker starring Maureen O'Hara. (1946) 0400-0455 RAWHIDE A branded steer causes concern BBC1 601 C3 603 N = NICAM stereo BBC2 602 Now 605 S = Subtitles 888 Now/Next BBC1 TV BBC2 TV ITV