P305 CEEFAX 305 Mon 25 Dec 23:51/10   FOOTBALL: DIVISION ONE  SPLIT LOOMS  Crystal Palace chairman Ron Noades is urging his fellow First Division clubs to resign from the League if they do not get their way in the new TV deal. Noades is unhappy about the proposed 75-25% split of the money and wants it to be 80-20% in their favour, an increase of just £550,000 per club. All 72 Endsleigh clubs meet on Friday and Noades said: "We need to act as a group but we do not need all 24 clubs in order to have a new First Division." Noades' proposal needs the support of 54 clubs and if it fails, the threat of a breakaway league could re-open.  D1 Teams Prem Revw D1/2 Fix D1/2 Tabs