P163 CEEFAX 163 Mon 25 Dec 23:30/13       WORLD  SARAJEVANS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AT PEACE The people of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, are celebrating their first Christmas at peace in four years. The Roman Catholic Cathedral in the city was full to overflowing for Midnight Mass, with hundreds more people listening on loudspeakers outside. In his address, Cardinal Vinko Puljic told them that too much blood had been shed in Bosnia and made a heartfelt plea "never to let weapons talk again". Summary 102 Home 110 Politics 130 Flash 150 World 160 Despatches 190 Next News World Despatch Weather
P163 CEEFAX 163 Mon 25 Dec 23:51/13       WORLD  FORCES BEGIN PULL-OUT AROUND SARAJEVO Bosnian government and Serb soldiers have begun withdrawing from some of their key positions around Sarajevo, according to French forces in the city. Both sides have until Wednesday to clear mines, explosives and other obstacles under the Bosnian peace accord signed last month. French forces will then move in to form a buffer between the two forces. A spokesman for the NATNLled peace keeping force, Colonel Richard Pernod, said the withdrawal was going well. Home 110 Politics 130 World 160 Next News World Despatch Weather