P363 CEEFAX 363 Sat 29 Oct 21:45/31  2/6   JAPANESE  GRAND PRIX Alain Prost has begun to fully understand the Honda engine and has now optimised the engine characteristics to suit his driving style, which is the reason behind his recent improved form. Wins in Portugal and Spain for Prost, while Senna picked up just four points, opened up the race for the championship which looked set to go to the Brazilian In Belgium Prost said the title would go to Senna, but three races later he is now convinced the title can be his, and if he wins at Suzuka his chances are still very much aliveN More   Next Page Next Page Top Sport TV Index
P363 CEEFAX 363 Sat 29 Oct 21:41/31  3/6   JAPANESE  GRAND PRIX Ayrton Senna's situation has gone 180 degrees in the opposite direction to Prost's in recent weeks. He is confused by the problems that beset him in in the last two races where he finished in sixth and fourth places, and the situation is beginning to affect himN His relationship with the team and sponsors Marlboro is not as strong as it has been and he is concerned that outside forces are coming into play. He maintains he can not drive the car and get the fuel economy he needs, and is becoming almost paranoid. More Next Page Next Page Top Sport TV Index
P363 CEEFAX 363 Sat 29 Oct 21:42/13  5/6   JAPANESE  GRAND PRIX McLaren are favourites to win at Suzuka but it is not inconceivable that a non turbo car could be in with a chanceN The circuit is not one of the best for fuel consumption and if Prost and Senna race each other hard, the McLarens may not last the distance. The way March, Benetton and Williams have performed recently shows that they are capable of running at the front, and in the event of a McLaren failure, one of them, along with Ferrari, is likely to be ready to pounce. More     Next Page Next Page Top Sport TV Index
P363 CEEFAX 363 Sat 29 Oct 21:43/12  6/6   JAPANESE  GRAND PRIX Ayrton Senna can clinch the world crown if he takes his eighth win of the season at Suzuka, while victory for Prost would take the title race to the final grand prix in Adelaide in two weeks' time. Grand Prix rules allow drivers to count only their best 11 scores of the year. Senna and Prost have each scored in 11 races, so will have to discard points if they score in Japan. Prost's worst score is a second place, while Senna's is a sixth, so in effect victory for Prost gives him less points than a win for Senna. More Next Page Next Page Top Sport TV Index
P363 CEEFAX 363 Sat 29 Oct 21:43/02  1/6   JAPANESE  GRAND PRIX The centre of interest at Suzuka will be the Alain Prost-Ayrton Senna saga which is brewing nicely. But eyes will not be focussed solely on their battle for the world championship The relationship between the two McLaren drivers, which has been good for most of the season, is now showing signs of strain as each man's form has taken a turnN In Spain and Portugal Alain Prost came alive as he worked his way back into contention for a third world crown, while Senna's form slumped. More   Next Page Next Page Top Sport TV Index
P363 CEEFAX 363 Sat 29 Oct 21:40/00  4/6   JAPANESE  GRAND PRIX A victory for either Prost or Senna at Suzuka this weekend of extreme importance for Honda on their own track in JapanN But I don't believe that Honda are manipulating the destination of the drivers' titleN They are not bothered which driver wins providing it is a victory for HondaN chat they do not want is a repeat of last year's race where they suffered the embarrassment of seeing a Ferrari victory on their circuit. More     Next Page Next Page Top Sport TV Index