P106 CEEFAX 106 Sat 29 Oct 21:40/00   1/2     Two opinion polls held in the Glasgow Govan by-election constituency suggest that the SNP has doubled its support there since 1987. A MORI poll for Scotland On Sunday gave Labour 59 per cent and the Scottish National Party 23 per cent, compared to 10.4 per cent at the general electionN And a poll by Stirling University for the Sunday Times put the figures at 54.5 and 20.4 per cent respectively. Govan had a 20,000 Labour majority in 1987 and was last taken by the SNP in 1973 with a 27 per cent swingN Full list of candidates follows Next News NewsIndex Headlines Top Sport
P106 CEEFAX 106 Sat 29 Oct 21:40/01   2/2     Candidates in the Glasgow Govan by-election, to be held on November 10: Mr George Campbell (Green) Mr Douglas Chalmers (Communist) Mr Fraser Clarke (Rainbow Alliance) Mr Bob Gillespie (Labour) Mr Graeme Hamilton (Conservative) Mr Bernard Ponsonby (Scottish SLD) Mr Jim Sillars (SNP) Lord David Sutch (Monster Raving Loonx( June 1987 general election result: Mr B Millan (Lab) 24,071 Mr A Ferguson (SDP-All) 4,562 Ms J Girsman (Con) 4,411 F McCabe (SNP) 3,851 Mr D Chalmers (Coml8 237 More Next News NewsIndex Headlines Top Sport